To celebrate the release of the new World Cup Ski Racing game, we have made a top 10 of the best snowsport games!

To get your fix of snow while not on the slopes, we have assembled a top-ten list of skiing themed games. Ranging from multi-player to single-player, from board games to smartphone apps, there is definitely something to keep your hunger for the slopes at bay.

World Cup Ski Racing

At the top of our list is The Official Alpine Racing Game of FIS. Brand new on iPhone and Android since the 10th of January, this game brings speed, realism and precision. Find your inner racer while competing on the World Cup circuit. You can select kit for your racer with some of the best brands in the ski industry. Play single player, play against other racers across the globe, or even connect with your friends and compete in real-time! Keep an eye on leader boards, seasonal rankings, team races and special events. You can even spectate the top two racers and watch them go head-to-head as they play!

Ski Jumping Pro

Our next favourite is Ski Jumping Pro. Available on both the Appstore and Playstore, this game entices everything you want and need in a ski game. The detail in the graphics makes this game feel 3D and super realistic, making the experience immersive and easy to play. With different levels of difficulty on jumps, you can test your ability and slowly work your way up and unlock new levels within the game. Aside from the competitions, there is character customisation and even a career mode to build your back story and keep track of all your accomplishments.



Coming in close behind for number three, is the selection of ski games from Miniclip at With nine specifically designed games for each aspect of the sport, you are more than sure to find your talent within the snowsport world! The graphics may be slightly less advanced, but these games make up for it with the vast amount of disciplines, simplicity and addictiveness!


Just Freeskiing

Just Freeskiing. Another ski jumping based game, but with the added bonus of different types of jumps to complete. This game has it all, boxes, rails, half pipes, you name it. Too scared to send yourself down a real feature in a snow park? Don’t worry, you can get your dose of adrenaline from the safety of your smart phone! With simple controls, tilting your phone to change direction, and simple swipes to spin and do tricks mid-air, this game really is great for any ability. You can choose your own avatar, choose a preferred location, and take on the freestyle world anyway you like.


Ski Run

Ski Run, the boardgame. A boardgame for all ages, rated as 9+, is a snowy version of something similar to snakes and ladders. Compete against the other players to make your way across the piste map and use trick cards to hold up your opponents. Choose your route, being careful of the ice, whiteouts and ‘the big freeze’. The amount of aspects in this game keep it entertaining, with never a dull moment and many opportunities for things to go south! A great game for the family.


Red Bull Freeskiing

Next on the list, Red Bull Free Skiing. Made by Red Bull Snow, it is safe to say this app lives up to their great reputation. With timeless graphics and very simple manoeuvres this game can become highly addictive, very quickly. With three different modes – powder, race and freestyle, there is something to quench your thirst for every aspect of skiing. Work your way up the leader board and partake in limited time events! As you perfect your discipline and earn rewards, slowly cash in your rewards for the most premium gear for your avatar. As a free game this app has a lot to offer, great graphics, and a large choice of tricks to master.



Next in our top ten, is Steep. Made specifically for PS4 and Xbox, this game has the highest level of graphics, with realistic mountain backdrops, and eerily precise movements from the avatars, the snow, and the surrounding scenery. Unlike others, this game encompasses everything that is on offer when in the mountains. Not just skiing, not just snowboarding, but even paragliding and wind suits! Navigate your way around the mountain ranges and discover hidden spots, share the experience with other players. You can even play live with other players, create groups and challenge each other to perform the best stunts. You can opt to participate in challenges designed for each sport or compete with your friends. Think you competed well? Share it on your social media, relive moments and edit the video to make the perfect post.


Wii Fit Ski Jumping

With Xbox and Playstation now ruling the gaming industry, it’s hard to think back to the days of the Wii. At one point it seemed like every child across the UK was positioned in front of the TV on boxing day, beginning to master the Wii Fit. A favourite from the collection of Snowsports games, had to be the Ski Jump. Mastering your technique with your full body, rather than just your thumbs, made this fun interactive game really come to life. Fun extras such as personalising your avatar, choosing clothes and competing against friends makes this game all the more fun.


Super Ski Jump

Another great game for the family, is Super Ski Jump. A board game for 2-4 players, rated as 6+. Set up your very own ski slope in the comfort of your house, send your players down the slope and send them into a flip using a button at the bottom. There is a choice of skiwear, ski’s, snowboard, sledge and even a bathtub! Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this game can be quite tricky! Find yourself laughing hysterically and becoming competitive as you try to perfect your timings to create the perfect flip.


Blue tac Slalom

For our final game, we want to give the option of being creative and using your imagination! All you need to begin your slalom racing career, is toothpicks, blue tac, some paper, a marble and a straw! Using your blue tac, toothpicks and paper, get creative and set up your very own slalom course (as seen above). Imagine your marble as a slalom pro, and using your lungs and the straw for direction, send him down the course! Compete and have your very own Snowsports Olympics in your living room!