Ski Club staff have picked out their favourite ski and snowboard movies you should watch whilst in isolation!

Stuck for ideas for what to watch on TV? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered; the Ski Club team have picked out their favourite snowsport films for you to view at home. From Hollywood classics to epic pro movies, there’s something for all mountain lovers.
Check out our list below!

Art of Flight

One for all you snowboarders out there! This is a Travis Rice classic. At the time of release, Art of Flight was one of the most progressive snowboard films to be made. A combination of stunning cinematography, plus incredible freeride and freestyle riding, makes this film a must watch.  
Full movie here. 

What the Ski Club crew says: 

Operations Manager Holly Boucher: "I love the soundtrack! There’s a good mix of jumps and downhill. Also some good freestyle throughout!" 

Eddie the Eagle

An Olympic icon! The Eddie the Eagle film follows Michael “Eddie” Edwards who attempts to compete in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Despite immense public and organisational pressure, Edwards creates history with his appearance on the jump. A stellar cast with great performances by Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman.  
Full movie here. 

What the Ski Club crew says:

Digital Marketing Executive Emily Morgan: "A feel good film about skiing - only watched it for the first time a couple of months ago and loved it"

Jeremy Jones – The Deeper, Steeper, Higher trilogy

Jeremy Jones is regarded as a pioneer for snowboarding and these three films all capture how he pushes the boundaries of the sport. Each film shows different types of riding and challenges he has to face along the way. Discover some of the most epic scenery around the world too! Very much a binge worthy trio of films! 
Full Deeper series here. 

What the Ski Club crew says: 

Mountain Tracks Sales and Product Manager Dan Thornton: "This trilogy is a defining moment in the history of splitboarding"

Candide Thovex – One of those Days series

An internet sensation that has transcended the sport of skiing! Candide Thovex continues to blow minds with his creativity on skis. We recommend you start from the beginning with the legendary One of the Days series. Each video opens your mind to the possibilities of how to enjoy the mountains.  
For Candide Thovex’s Youtube channel click here. 

What the Ski Club crew says: 

Chief Executive Ian Holt: When One of those Days came out I must have watched it ten times on the trot.  


If you haven’t seen G.N.A.R already then you are in for a real treat. The film follows a group of talented skiers who are all involved in a ridiculous game called G.N.A.R (Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness). Ski legend Shane McConkey and his friends created the game and the film celebrates his life after his tragic death by playing the game he loved. Warning! This film does have nudity and swearing! 

What the Ski Club crew says: 

Social Media Executive Peter Davies: "No questions asked, the best ski movie ever. Also I just want to say I’m the best skier of the Ski Club of Great Britain!" 

Michelle Parker – Originate

This series follows Michelle Parker, one of the leading female freeride skiers, pursuit of the best snow and steepest lines in the world. It shows the progression of backcountry skiing the last 20 years to now. Enjoy two seasons worth of pure wonder and how Parker has brought women’s skiing to the forefront of the sport.  
Full series here. 

What the Ski Club crew says: 

Senior Operations Executive & Chalet Manager Jasmine Hammonds: Because there aren’t many female-dominated ski movies out there!  


Shane McConkey championed having fun in the mountains. This documentary shows how he changed the perception of skiing to the public and brought enjoyment back to the sport. The film depicts his best moments on film and his personal life before he tragically died. An amazing tribute to a true icon! 
Full movie here. 

What the Ski Club crew says: 

Head of On Snow services and Operations Owen Chapman: The greatest human to ever live! I loved it for the naked slalom and because he started G.N.A.R. 

Chalet Girl

If you’re looking for a light-hearted film on the slopes than look no further, Chalet Girl is the film for you. The film follows Kim, who starts off in a dead-end job to support her dad. An opportunity arises to work in one the most exclusive chalets in the Alps. This is where Kim discovers her love and talent for snowboarding. A mixture of comedy, romance and drama, a definite feel good movie.  
Full movie here. 

What the Ski Club crew says: 

Sales & Marketing Coordinator Daisy McAuliffe: Obviously Chalet Girl is the best! It’s streaming on Netflix for any silly soul who hasn’t yet seen it yet! 

The Collective

Faction skis present to you The Collective. Riders from all around the ski world have their moment in this film but the underlining message is together they all love the mountains. Watch some of the best riders in the world take on some of the most epic stunts and lines around. Filmed in stunning 4k it’s a real treat for the eyes.  
Full movie here. 

What the Ski Club crew says: 

Operations Executive Frankie Doherty: I love the scene in the park with just the girl riders! The soundtrack is also awesome!


A film with both jaw-dropping moments and Norwegian charm. Supervention is a visual delight. From backcountry to ski racing the film showcases some of the best skiers from Norway. The crew travel to remote, urban and competitive locations to promote the different styles of the sport. World Cup ski racer Aksel Lund Svindal not only shows his racing ability but also takes on some backcountry skiing too.  
Full movie here. 

What the Ski Club crew says: 

Membership Intern Jonathan Williams: It is insanely breath-taking and has some of the best skiers and boarders in the world. 


You wouldn’t think Pakistan would be the location for a backcountry ski movie! Athletes Hélias Millerioux, Léo Taillefer, Pierre Frechou, Julien Nadiras, Jérôme Tanon, Yannick Graziani, Thomas Delfino, and Zak Mills go on an epic adventure deep into the Karakoram mountains. The journey shows the challenges they face to take on the insanely steep descent of the Biacherahi Tower.  

What the Ski Club crew says: 

Sales and Product Executive Sam Jackson: It’s a crazy expedition taking skiers to the limit of human endurance, unlike any ski film I’ve seen. Leo Taillefer is a madman!  

There we have it, Ski Club staff’s favourite ski movies, we hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of movies! Stay safe, stay indoors and wash your hands!