Ski Club Staff have picked a selection of winter sport movies that they recommend for those nights in watching the TV!  

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Everest (2015)

The movie is based on the story of New Zealand's Robert "Rob" Edwin Hall, who on May 10, 1996, together with Scott Fischer, teamed up on a joint expedition to ascend Mount Everest. They experience a brutal storm and challenging conditions. The film really depicts the brutality of the expedition and will have you gripped from start to end!  

Ski Club Staff opinion:  

Management Accountant Peggy Marcq: “Everest remains my favourite! Every time I watch with fingers crossed and big hopes!”  

The Spy Who Loved Me


Iconic! Mostly for its incredible ski scene that was later recreated by the late pro skier Shane McConkey. A stunt that was really ahead of its time and still has skiers talking about it. One for all you Bond lovers out there!  

Ski Club Staff Opinion:

Senior Memberships Executive Katherine Perkins: “One of the best bind films mainly because it has skiing in it!”  

Blades of Glory


Two figure skating rivals must compete together after being disqualified from single skating. This is a Will Ferrell classic that will have you in stitches and quoting the movie for years. The plot and jokes are ridiculous, and the costumes are equally crazy. Enjoy this comedy gem!  

Ski Club Staff opinion: 

Social Media Executive Peter Davies: “So many quotable lines that I use regularly. I must have watched it so many times but I still laugh every time I put it on. ‘I’m going to skate to one song and one song only...’” 

The Mighty Ducks

Gordon Bombay is ordered by courts to coach a peewee hockey team after being charged with drink driving. Bombay has bad childhood memories of hockey but still manages to gain the respect of the team and builds a bond with kids along the way. A Disney classic that is lighthearted and funny along the way.  

Ski Club Staff opinion:  

Senior Product and Sales Executive, Freshtracks Emma McQueen: “Charlie Conway is the best captain of any sports team ever! (that might just be my opinion though…)” 


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Cool Runnings


The movie is based on the journey of the 1988 Jamaican Olympic bobsled team and is an absolute classic. Another film with iconic quotes that have stood the test of time. Be prepared for lucky eggs and a lot of Olympic spirit in this feel-good classic.  

Ski Club Staff opinion: 

Operations Manager Holly Boucher: “For those in need of a pick-me-up right now. This film inspired by the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team is one of the most uplifting films of all time. A great choice for all the family!” 

Frozen 2


Not necessarily a winter sports film but it does have an alpine vibe! The blockbuster hit of Frozen was such a success that there’s a sequel. Olaf and the gang are back with a musical treat. A wonderful way to escape into a world of mystical creatures and royalty. Be prepared for sing-alongs that will be in your head for days, whether you like it or not!   

Ski Club Staff opinion: 

Senior Operations Executive and Chalet Manager Jasmine Hammonds: “Absolute belter! Good to sing along to when you have a tough day and need a release.” 

The Collective

A true visual masterpiece with a great soundtrack. Watch some of the best riders in the world take on different style of skiing in different locations. The Faction riders show although they’re different we are all a collective of the mountains.  

Ski Club Staff opinion: 

Senior On-snow Services Executive Frankie Doherty: “I love it because it has a section on female skiers, which is not as common to see in ski films and they are pretty inspiring. Also, it brings good ski club memories of the whole team going to the premier last season.” 

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