As we continue our revamped kit & equipment reviews, Alf tests the latest in high-tech merino wool shirts - the Hardvark J-Plaid.

PRICE: £139

WEBSITE: Hardvark Merino

WHAT THEY SAY: "Our signature Hardvark shirt is made with Tailored Performance™ Merino, so you can take on every adventure with confidence and style. Tested everywhere from the Swiss mountain backcountry to the San Francisco Bay."

WHAT ALF SAYS: If you’re looking to cut a dash on the slopes and prefer the classic mountain man look (think Joe Brown, Don Whillans and Chris Bonington circa 1958) you’ll love Hardvark’s J-Plaid merino wool shirt – I certainly did.

Made from a mix of 73% merino wool, 25% viscose and 2% elastane, it offers the perfect combination of warmth, stretch and lightness. You can wear it as part of a layering system in cold weather and, in spring, use it as a lightweight outer layer, especially when hiking or skinning up the slopes.

The merino fabric helps to regulate your body temperature, is breathable, has excellent wicking properties and is anti-odour.

The shirt has an athletic, slim fit and is quite minimalist. Features consist of little more than a concealed zipped breast pocket, but quality and attention to detail is excellent and this is a garment that is built to last. This is testament to the two years Hardvark spent developing the particular type of merino wool used in the shirt.

What’s more, at day’s end you can keep it on for everything from propping up the bar to eating out in a nice restaurant as it’s certainly smart and stylish enough; and the anti-odour and non-iron properties of the shirt mean you’ll both smell and look sweet.

FOR: Stylish, classic looks; versatile

AGAINST: Quite pricey

Alf Alderson is an award-winning freelance ski journalist who will be working on gear reviews throughout the 2016/17 season for the Ski Club of Great Britain.