Alf tests both the top and bottom half of the Bergans Soleie base layers - part of their Ultralight series of merino wool garments.

Soleie Half-Zip Base Layer

PRICE: £55

WEBSITE: Bergans of Norway

WHAT THEY SAY: "Soleie is part of the ultralight series, Bergans' lightest series of woolen garments developed for use in all kinds of weather – also in the summer. Soleie is composed of thin and light garments that are ideal for training regardless of weather and temperature. Merino wool has a unique temperature-regulating ability. It makes sure you're cozy and warm in the depths of winter and cools you down in the heat of summer. Merino wool is also exceptionally good at eliminating odors. Go for Soleie when you're looking for a basic garment that can be used all year round. Soleie is suitable for stand-alone use or as the innermost layer right next to your skin. Ideal for multilayering!"

WHAT ALF SAYS: The Soleie is part of Bergans' ‘Ultralight’ series of 150g/m2 pure merino wool garments Bergans' developed for use in all weathers. It’s pretty basic in design, just like the matching Soleie tights. The looks are plain and rugged, with little more than understated contrast stitching and logo to make it stand out – but since it’s a base layer that’s fine.

The Soleie’s 100 per cent merino wool fabric offers all the properties that makes it so popular as a base layer – soft and comfortable against your skin, high insulation when cold, good wicking and cooling when warm and odour resistant.

It also has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 25+ which is useful when you’re skinning up that steep slope in spring sunshine and have stripped down to just your base layer.

So, a simple, straightforward design that does the job. My only gripe, and a minor one at that, was that the zip could perhaps be a bit longer for better ventilation.

FOR: Utilitarian design does the job

AGAINST: Zip could be longer


Soleie Tights

PRICE: £45

WEBSITE: Bergans of Norway

WHAT ALF SAYS: Like the matching Soleie Half-Zip the Soleie Tights are a basic long-john made of 100 per cent merino wool for its versatility in all weather conditions, along with soft feel and odour-free properties (probably nowhere more essential than in a pair og long johns!).

Bergans Soleie Merino Base Layers - Kit Reviews

As with the Soleie top there’s little in the way of features other than a contrasting green elasticated waist band with Bergans logo and contrast stitching. Build quality is good so you can expect several seasons of use out of them, and there’s no fly so this is pretty much a unisex garment.

The fabric also offers UPF 25+ protection against the sun’s rays although it’s hard to imagine why you would need this in a pair of long johns…

FOR: Plain, utilitarian design

AGAINST: No fly (not a problem for 50 per cent of the population, mind)

Alf Alderson is an award-winning freelance ski journalist who will be working on gear reviews throughout the 2016/17 season for the Ski Club of Great Britain.