Alf Alderson tests the latest ski goggles from Cebe - the Feel'in - which offers a wide range of lens options.

PRICE: £75


WHAT ALF SAYS: The Feel’in comes with a large fit and its spherical lens system has an outer polycarbonate lens and an inner acetate lens, which Cébé claim is the best anti-fogging option, and indeed we had no problems with this. There are a range of lens options for differing conditions, although the lenses are not interchangeable.

In use I found that the three-layer face foam wasn’t as thick as on most of the other goggles I have reviewed, but that wasn’t a problem and for skiers like myself who prefer the outer frame to sit close to their face they’re fine. Also, the fleece layer against the skin ensures the goggles feel both warm and soft.

The field of vision offered by the Feel’in is very good, and the generous silicone coating on the strap meant that they also stay in place very effectively, so given the price the Feel’in is well worth checking out.

FOR: Good value

AGAINST: Some skiers may prefer thicker face foam

This originally appeared in the October 2016 Issue of Ski+board - click here for a link to the online version.

Alf Alderson is an award-winning freelance ski journalist who will be working on gear reviews throughout the 2016/17 season for the Ski Club of Great Britain.