Alf puts these figure-hugging base layers through his tough testing regime in our latest Ski Club kit reviews.

Maximum Warm

PRICE: £59


WHAT THEY SAY: "Perfect for heat-insulating layering during winter sports. The long-sleeve shirt featuring a collar and zipper made of high-quality merino wool keeps you perfectly warm and dry. The two-layer design in the kidney area also protects against under-cooling. Strategically placed functional zones round off its functional design and guarantee a mobile and comfortable fit and quick drying. "

WHAT ALF SAYS: Here’s a base layer that’s aimed specifically at riders who push themselves hard on the mountain. This is not just because of the excellent wicking and drying properties of the synthetic fabric (a mix of polyamide, polyester and elastane), nor for the good insulation it provides, but more due to the body hugging – some would say tight fit (indeed, that’s what it says on the box) - and high levels of stretch.

You can feel this the instant you put on the ‘Maximum Warm’ – it ‘grips’ noticeably around midriff, chest and biceps; some will like this, some won’t. But it definitely imparts a feeling of ‘support’ as well as stretch. Additional flexibility has been added to the shoulders and elbows too.

Other features include a double layered design in the kidney area for additional insulation, ventilated armpits and inner elbows and a super long cut which comes right down over your bottom (useful on cold chairlifts).

The chest zip aids with cooling on warmer days, and the look is quite flattering if you’re in good shape; if not it will reveal every single extra calorie you’re carrying!

FOR: Great stretch and support; nice long cut

AGAINST: Tight fit won’t suit everyone

Wool-Tech Zip

PRICE: £85


WHAT THEY SAY: "Skiing Wool Tec long-sleeved shirt with zip fastener – unlimited climate comfort for the all-round skier and those who ski for pleasure. This innovative ski underwear designed using seamless technology is close-fitting but not constricting and combines nature and technology. Merino wool ensures thermal insulation. High-tech polyamide wicks moisture away from the skin. "

WHAT ALF SAYS: The Wool Tec Zip has a lighter feel and less body-huggging fit than its companion Maximum Warm base layer and consists of a mix of 60 per cent fine merino wool (for a super soft feel), 37 per cent polyamide (for moisture management) and 3 per cent elastane (for stretch).

Other features include extra insulation around the kidneys, a long cut so the hem comes down over your bum, and ventilation zones around the armpits and inner elbows along with flex zones at the elbows and shoulders.

A quite short zip allows additional heat management, and for less cold conditions – or if you prefer a lighter, looser cut – the Wool Tech would be preferable to the Maximum Warm. However it is quite a bit more expensive on account of the merino wool content (but that does feel very soft and snug).

FOR: Light and soft

AGAINST: Not as much insulation as the Falke Maximum Warm; expensive

Alf Alderson is an award-winning freelance ski journalist who will be working on gear reviews throughout the 2016/17 season for the Ski Club of Great Britain.