The Falke SK4s are not the cheapest option, but as Alf suggests, the investment is well worth it to get a comfy and high-performing pair of socks.

PRICE: £30


WHAT THEY SAY: "Neither lose power nor control when skiing: Thanks to its very light padding, this men's sports sock provides for effective protection against pressure marks with direct power transfer. Merino wool stores warmth reliably and quickly channels moisture away from the foot. Take to the slopes with comfort and confidence!"

WHAT ALF SAYS: The SK4s are by no means cheap but they are wonderfully soft and comfortable ski socks – some of the best I’ve worn for some time, in fact. They’re made from a mix of 75 per cent merino wool/25 per cent polyamide with a thin, lightweight design which nevertheless manages to provide plenty of insulation at the same time.

They’re also quite technical, with ‘air channels’ built into the uppers to prevent overheating, wrinkle-free zones around the toes and just above the front of the foot, an anatomic foot arch and protective cushions on the shins and ankles, all of which comes together to create a really lovely pair of ski socks. I also liked the fact that they come right up to your knee and don’t grip too tightly.

Bearing in mind how much stick your feet take in a pair of ski boots, why not give them a treat with the quite pricey but very, very comfortable Falke SK4?

FOR: Supremely comfortable

AGAINST: Not cheap

Alf Alderson is an award-winning freelance ski journalist who will be working on gear reviews throughout the 2016/17 season for the Ski Club of Great Britain.