Alf tests two great pairs of goggles from Nike - including the Command model which features transitions lenses.

Nike Command

PRICE: £249.90


WHAT THEY SAY: "A sleek frame shape designed for a larger fit, the Nike Command Goggle serves up comfort, adaptable performance, and maximum peripheral vision. Its 6-base injected-polycarbonate spherical lens has a wide field of view, plus 100% UV protection and an anti-fog treatment to help keep your vision clear. The frame’s Engineered Durable Water Repellant mesh enhances airflow and repels exterior moisture—squashing fog before it starts for the best-possible visibility."

WHAT ALF SAYS: As the name suggests, the Command comes with Transitions lenses which automatically darken or lighten in response to changing sunlight and weather conditions. Vision is further improved by the fact that the lenses are colour optimised for better contrast and increased depth perception. Indeed, the quality of the vision they provide is pretty faultless, whatever the light conditions. You can change the lens quite easily too should it become scratched.

Peripheral vision through the optically correct spherical lenses is also very good, and a combination of water repellent mesh over the vents and anti-fog treatment combine to offer excellent resistance to fog build up.

The Command is helmet-compatible, with a generously sized silicone strip on the strap to ensure the goggles stay in place. The ‘Softrigger’ frames are designed to disperse any pressure points, so that along with the soft, triple layer foam you get a very comfortable fit.

The overall appearance of the Command is quite low key given the fact that they’re one of the most expensive models I've tested, which will appeal to skiers who want quality without being too loud.

FOR: Top quality lens; very comfy

AGAINST: Expensive


Nike Mazot

PRICE: £69.90


WHAT THEY SAY: "The Nike Mazot has a smaller unibody profile that was designed for a lightweight smaller to medium fit. Its triple-layer foam and therma-fit fleece lining contains ultra-light bonded construction that keeps you warm and provides maximum insulation for all day wear on the hill. The final feature of the Mazot is its thermal-formed cylindrical lens which provides clear optics and anti-fog protection."

WHAT ALF SAYS: These Nikes have a smaller profile designed for a lightweight, smaller to medium fit. This isn’t exactly for me, so I was quite surprised by how good the peripheral vision was considering the Mazot is technically too small for my face. As a result for smaller users and kids it makes a good option, particularly given the relatively low price.

The triple-layer foam and therma-fit fleece lining doesn’t just feel soft against your face, it also provides insulation, and there’s decent venting through the bottom and top of the minimalist frame to prevent any fogging.

The Mazot comes with a range of thermal-formed cylindrical lens options, and they can be replaced if scratched or damaged although not so easily that you’d classify them as true interchangeable lenses.

There’s plenty of silicone grip on the strap, which will help keep these helmet-compatible goggles in place whatever you’re doing on the hill, and given the understated good looks and reasonable price point of the Mazot they have a lot going for them.

FOR: Good value, good looks, good field of vision

AGAINST: Lenses not interchangeable or photochromic

This originally appeared in the October 2016 Issue of Ski+board - click here for a link to the online version.

Alf Alderson is an award-winning freelance ski journalist who will be working on gear reviews throughout the 2016/17 season for the Ski Club of Great Britain.