Designed to be fantastically versatile, the Arrowoods work well in both the urban and mountain environment says our kit expert Alf Alderson.

PRICE: £120


WHAT THEY SAY: "Outfitted in lux details and materials, this premium, mid-high take on an adventure-seeking sneaker brings style and waterproof comfort to your next walkabout. "

WHAT ALF SAYS: You don’t always need a full-on winter boot just because it’s winter, and the Teva Arrowood Lux Mid will work for everything from wandering around in the snow on your ski trip (although not for stuff like hiking and snowshoeing) to nipping down the pub back home on a wet evening in February.

They feel instantly comfortable thanks to their light weight and the supple, full-grain waterproof leather uppers, and the ‘Float Lite’ midsole and outsole offers loads of cushioning. There are reinforced suede sections around the front and rear of the shoes and a reasonable amount of insulation for colder conditions. However, whilst the soles grip well on firm surfaces they could perhaps do with having deeper cleats for snow and mud.

However, since the Arrowood is designed more as urban/travel footwear than for serious outdoor action it makes a good choice for travelling and for wearing around the resort.

FOR: Supple, comfortable, light

AGAINST: Deeper cleats would work better in snowy conditions

Alf Alderson is an award-winning freelance ski journalist who will be working on gear reviews throughout the 2016/17 season for the Ski Club of Great Britain.