Is an air pump fit system more handy than the standard dial system? Here is Alf's latest review of the Sinner Crystal Visor to clear things up.

PRICE: £130

WEBSITE: Sinner Crystal Visor

WHAT THEY SAY: "The Crystal is a ski helmet with comfortable soft fleece lining, equipped with a removable visor that guarantees a great style. Also suited for wearers of optical glasses who want to protect their eyes and secure perfect visibility at the same time. Completed with a unique air pump pocket system for customized size adjustment and PU leather ear pads."

WHAT ALF SAYS: Another lid with an integrated visor, the Crystal has an ‘Over the Glasses’ (OTG) fit so it can also be worn comfortably with spectacles, and interchangeable, different colour lenses are available for differing light conditions – ours came with a category 3 grey lens.

The visor has a pretty thick single layer of foam which sits snugly against your face and effectively keeps the weather out, along with providing superb peripheral vision.

The helmet uses in mould technology to keep the weight down along with Sinner’s unique Air Pump Fit System, by which you apply pressure to a small pump at the rear of the lining to inflate the rear of the liner for a snug fit. If you want to deflate it, you simply press on a small metal button beside the pump.

The Crystal has four generously sized but non-adjustable vents, and I rather liked the brown PU leather removable ear pads, which looked good against the white shell. The wicking lining and pump system can be removed for cleaning, and given the amount of innovation that’s gone into this helmet it’s a pretty decent price, especially if you wear glasses and are looking for a visor system.

FOR: Innovative; OTG fit

AGAINST: Air pump system doesn’t offer as snug a fit for us as a dial system

Alf Alderson is an award-winning freelance ski journalist who will be working on gear reviews throughout the 2016/17 season for the Ski Club of Great Britain.

This review first appeared in the November issue of Ski+board - read it online here.