Alf analyses the Phantom helmet by Demon, based in Salt Lake City

Demon Phantom with Brainteaser Audio RRP £65

If having some sounds to ski or board to is important for you, the Phantom is a steal at £65 since it comes with Brain Teaser Audio already installed; this is a helmet speaker system that easily plugs into your audio device and allows you to listen to your favourite tunes all day.

The flip side of this is that you get relatively few other features with the Phantom. It’s not adjustable, so you need to ensure the fit is bang on; neither is the venting adjustable, and it’s restricted to just two small vents at the front and back. You can remove the ear pads in warmer weather, although since the audio speakers are incorporated into these you’ll lose the sound system too.

The really important thing – the safety of your noggin – is taken care of with a smooth, matte ABS helmet shell and EPS foam padding, and the lining is plenty comfortable too. The Phantom also has a decent-sized goggle strap and looks pretty cool with its contrasting matte finish.

FOR Great value, especially since it has integrated audio

AGAINST Vents not adjustable and few in number

What Demon say:

While a freshly snow covered mountain can seem like heaven on earth, it can also be a dangerous slippery slope jam packed with trees and obstacles. Keep your dome protected with the Demon Phantom ski and snowboard helmet. Tested to the max, this ski helmet will keep you safe with the ABS shell and cool with multiple vents. Our new contrasting design is available in a variety of matte colours to match your winter sports getup. At Demon, we strive to provide you top quality snowboard gear and protection at a reasonable price, and the Phantom snowboard helmet is no exception.