If you're looking for a sturdy new pair of socks for the slopes, take a look at O'Neill's Reissue offering

O’Neill Reissue Socks RRP £22.60

It’s a bit of a shame that your socks have to be hidden inside your ski boots when it comes to O’Neill’s Reissue, as they’re a cheerful, super-colourful pair of socks harking back to O’Neill’s 80s ski and snowboard wear.

They’re also lovely and soft as well as being well-cushioned throughout, and they have minimal seams to reduce the chances of chafing. It’s worth noting that they don’t reach all the way up to the knee, sitting just around the top of the calf, which won’t suit everyone.
On the other hand, if you like walking around in your socks in the ski chalet/hotel after a day’s skiing the Reissues will put a smile on everyone’s face, and they’d also double up as a nice, warm pair of general winter socks.

FOR Bright, smiley colours.
AGAINST Not knee-length.

O'Neill say:

Looking stylish from the bottom up, you can do no wrong in the Reissue Snow Socks. Bright, fun and ready for action, on the mountain or off.