Our reviewer tried on the Ortovox 185 RocknWool Freeride long sleeve, find out if it is a must-have on the mountain. 

This is a super-soft merino wool base layer that comes from a sustainable source in Tasmania. The long sleeve uses high-quality, thin (18 microns), and tear-resistant wool that has been produced with ethically and ecologically sound farming practices, so not only will you feel good wearing it (the RocknWool is soft and snug against bare skin) you’ll also feel good about wearing it.

As you probably know, merino wool is a good fabric for base layers when doing something like freeriding, hence the RocknWool name. Your body temperature fluctuates between perspiring heavily and getting very warm during periods of activity and cooling rapidly at rest. The merino wool has the ability to absorb large volumes of moisture yet not feel wet. 

It does this by transporting moisture into the core of the fibre, from where it’s slowly released, which helps to regulate your temperature. And, of course, merino doesn’t hold odours so you can wear it next to your skin for days at a time.

The design of the RocknWool is quite plain, although the contrasting colours on the sleeves add a bit of style, the main thing is it does a sound job as a base layer, albeit at a bit of a price.

FOR Sustainable materials in a very comfy package.

AGAINST Expensive; thumb loops would have been a nice addition.

Where to buy Ortovox Homepage

Price £85

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