One penny short of £80 is a lot to pay for a pair of ski poles, but the Spitfire S works hard to earn its keep.

In particular its Trigger S system which, with compatible Leki gloves, allows you to click in and out of the pole grip in one swift movement and with no need to remove the pole straps from your hands. It also reduces the risk of hand and wrist injuries in a fall.

Along with this the high-strength, lightweight aluminium Spitfire S comes with piste and powder baskets which can be easily swapped over without the need for tools, and an extremely grippy pole handle which adds confidence that however bouncy the terrain the poles will stay in your hands.

In addition, you can also purchase a separate Go Pro adapter that attached to the grip.


FOR Versatile and sturdy; Trigger S system comes as standard

AGAINST Pricey, so you’ll need to look after them.

Leki Spitfire S Ski Poles

Manufacturer website:

price: £79.95


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