The uncomfortable feeling of putting on damp ski boots is one to forget. Drysure has a solution with its easy to use portable boot dryers.

Ski Club’s Peter Davies put the Drysure Extreme Boot Dryer to the test: 

I use my ski boots a lot when I coach for Aldershot Ski Race Club and let me tell you my boots are regularly damp. Whether it’s due to the lovely English rain or my feet sweating after some demonstrations on the slope throughout the day, my boot linings are often damp after a day’s skiing.

My regular Sunday schedule is getting up early in the morning to do two sessions at the Aldershot dry ski slope that span from 8am-11am, then I have an evening session to do from 5:15pm-6:45pm. That’s a lot of skiing and standing in the rain for one day. In between sessions I normally leave my boots to fester in my bag, probably not a great idea.

I was keen to use the Drysure boot dryers to see if in between sessions they could dry my boots, so I didn’t have to squeeze my feet into a soggy mess in the evening. The dryers are perfectly shaped to slip into your boot, which is great as they don’t take up any extra room in my boot bag.

My morning session was a good test. The heavens had opened and for part of the session I set an exercise called short swings. For those of you that aren’t familiar with short swings, they are probably the most exhausting drill you can do on skis. They are continuous jump turns that are used to keep control of your speed and help with rhythm.


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Several demonstrations of short swings later and my feet were well and truly sweating, along with the added moisture from the rain. As soon as I finished my session, I slipped the Drysure boot dryers into my wet ski boots. Once they are in your boots, Drysure recommend you leave them in there for 8-10 hours. I only had six hours between sessions, but the result was still impressive. By the time I was ready to put my boots on in the evening my linings were dry.

After testing the product, I now keep the Drysure boot dryers in every time I use my ski boots, for the recommended 8-10 hours. As a result, it has made my liners a lot more hygienic too, because the lack of dampness will reduce fungal growth. Healthy feet, healthy mind!

Drysure boot dryers are reusable for up to 10 days before reactivation. There are three easy ways to reactivate the dryers: simply place them on a warm radiator till they dry, leave them in direct sunlight until they dry, or the quickest/ most effective way is to remove the outer shell and put the bead bags in the oven at 100 degrees for 1-2 hours. The dryers come in a resealable pouch to stop them absorbing moisture from the air when not in use.

For someone that uses ski boots a lot, I was impressed by the drying capability of the Drysure Extreme Boot Dryer and will continue to use them when I coach or go to the alps for a holiday. No more soggy boots!

For: Keeps boots dry, easy to use and portable.

Against: Slightly on the expensive side.

Where to buy: Drysure

Price: £29.95

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