The Hydro Flask 16oz Coffee Flask is the right size and shape to replace large single use cups from your local coffee shop and comes in a range of attractive colours.

The powder-coated exterior is great for grip and stands up to knocks and scratches well. The double walled vacuum construction offers very good insulation, meaning your hands don’t get burned holding the flask but the contents stay warm for a good period of time. Using mine on the 1hr train commute, the coffee was still nice and warm even at the end. According to Hydro Flask it will keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours, or cold for 24.

The Hydro Flip Lid seems to be pretty secure, I tried shaking it upside down and it was in and out of a backpack without any spillage. However, if you are looking for something that wont leak at all, you should get one of the twist caps rather than this as the lid could potentially get ‘flipped’ in your bag.

Speaking of the flip lid, it works best if the flask isn’t as full, whilst there is a sip hole and a breather hole to stop it getting vacuum blocked. Unfortunately both are a little small so liquid doesn’t flow all that well to start with, it does get better as you keep drinking since the fluid level stops blocking the breather.

The flip lid also tends to catch a bit of overspill which then dribbles off the back when you shut the lid, nothing a quick wipe won’t sort before you pop it back in the bag though.

Again, if it is going in and out of bags you may be better with the wide mouth flex caps, but this is good in the car or at your desk.


For: Keeps drinks warm for a long time, stylish, robust.

Against: Slightly tricky lid for drinking, dribbles a bit after.


Where to buy: Hydro Flask

Price: £21.95

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