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Vision is without doubt one of the senses that skiers depend upon the most, which is why goggles are such a key item on any skier’s kit list. 

A good pair of goggles will serve two purposes, to enhance vision and to protect your eyes, all while being comfortable to wear for the user.


Manufacturers will aim to increase contrast with their lenses, which enables riders to better see changes of light in the snow. Some lenses designed for sunny conditions will filter large amounts of light to prevent glare from the snow blinding riders whereas some lenses will be optimised for flat light scenarios where the lens and coating will help exaggerate subtle changes in light, and some lenses will even do both!


Think about the last time something got stuck in your eye, the irritation can be infuriating. Now, imagine that irritation as you are carving down a piste. Goggles protect your eyes from debris as well as during crashes at high speed. 

Just as with so much snowsports equipment, it is best to head down to a bricks and mortar store in order to ensure a perfect fit. This is especially apparent for goggles and helmets where a seamless interface between the two is integral to the comfort of riders.


Snow+Rock carry a large range of snowsports goggles, and we visited their flagship store in Covent Garden, London, to explore the range for ourselves. With the help of the shop’s manager Anders and his expert staff, we ran through the range and picked out some of the best goggles for all types of skier or snowboarder.


View Snow+Rock’s entire goggle range online here, or head down to your local store.

Dirty Dog Mutant 0.5 Goggles - Budget Performer 

RRP £70


A relative newcomer to the goggle market, Dirty Dog is quickly proving to be real disruptors in the goggle market by providing high-performance snowsports goggles on a budget.


At well under half the price of many of their competitors, Dirty Dog has put together a fantastic range of goggles, and our pick is their Mutant 0.5 model, a bestseller at Snow+Rock according to store manager Anders. Included in the box are two lenses, a Category 1 and 3, which can be easily changed thanks to a nifty magnetic system that holds the lenses in. On the face, the goggles prove comfortable to wear and fit a decent range of head shapes and sizes.


While you may notice some difference in the finishing of the goggles when compared with more expensive brands, for the price conscious snowsports enthusiast, Dirty Dog goggles are the mutts nuts.


Anon Tempest Goggles – Women’s best seller 

RRP £125


Specifically designed to fit women’s faces these mid-high end goggles perform well across most conditions. Anders assures us that the Anon Tempest are storming to the top of the women’s best selling goggles list in his store.


The spherical lens ensures an undistorted view of the snow with good peripheral vision, especially for ladies with smaller faces. The single lens included lends itself to the majority of conditions meaning that the goggle is a real jack of all trades for riders not wanting the hassle of changing lenses. The frame construction is simple and sleek and we are yet to find a helmet that doesn’t fit well with the Tempest, while the built-in venting ensures that the goggles don’t fog on the slopes.


Oakley Canopy Prizm Sapphire Goggles – Go big with this iconic brand

RRP 160


One of the most iconic eyewear manufacturers in the world. For many years now the identifiable O strap has been visible in resorts across the globe and Oakley has dominated the world of ski goggles. The introduction of their Prizm technology a few years ago proved to be yet another step up in goggle performance offering users exceptional definition and clarity, even in the flattest of lights.


The Canopy is the atypical Oakley goggle and is particularly suited to those with a larger face. The patented spherical lens offers undistorted vision even in the extremes of your vision. A key feature of this goggle is the unrivalled peripheral vision, try a set on to realise there is almost no restriction in vision when wearing these goggles.


Our pick of the lenses on offer is the popular Prizm Sapphire Irridium, a category 2 lens that offers fantastic performance over a large range of light conditions. As lenses are not interchangeable on the Canopy, we recommend going for a lens like this to aid vision across a range of light conditions.


Oakley A Frame 2.0 Goggles – Ideal for smaller faces 

RRP £90-£140 dependant on lenses


The A-Frame goggle offers many of the same technologies as the Canopy goggle mentioned above but in one of Oakley’s updated legacy designs. With a snug fit, the A-Frame goggle offers those with a smaller face high levels of comfort and avoids the bug-eyed look of some of the larger goggles. Just as with the Canopy there is a range of lenses available including several of Oakley’s flagship Prizm lenses.

Bollé Z5 OTG Goggles – Attention glasses wearers

RRP £99


Another iconic eyewear brand Bollé who recently celebrated their 130th anniversary has long been a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. The Z5 goggles offer performance over a healthy range of light conditions thanks to their photochromic lenses.


The fit of the goggles is very comfortable with special cutaways on the frame to accommodate glasses underneath the goggles. Gone are the days of glasses wearers having to settle for squashing their spectacles underneath the biggest goggles they can find. Bollé is sure to attract many glasses wearers with the Z5, a sleek goggle that is built from the ground up to accommodate glasses wearers.