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Find the right helmet for you this season

Helmets have become more and more commonplace in resorts as awareness for the potential damage of head traumas has risen. With many resorts making helmets compulsory on the slopes, especially for children, you are now in the minority if you don’t have a helmet.


Despite helmets all being tested to the same safety standards to comply with European standards, the designs and features of helmets can vary greatly. Perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying a new helmet is the fit. Just like ski boots, each manufacturer will have its own last for helmets where you may fit a totally different helmet to another rider despite being the same size.


It’s important too to make sure your helmet sits flush to your goggles, read our guide to the year’s best goggles here.


This year more than ever manufacturers are paying attention to the potential damages of oblique impacts on the brain. To combat this, many snow helmets will now come equipped with MIPS, short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. MIPS is a low friction layer that sits between the lining and hard shell of a helmet which reduces the rotational forces on the brain during an impact.


Read about when The Ski Club visited the MIPS laboratory in Sweden in the autumn.


As we have highlighted above, the best way to find your best helmet is to head to a store and try on a few different models. The Ski Club did just that when we visited Snow+Rock’s flagship London store in Covent Garden to give our readers a heads up on the best helmets of 2019.


Giro Nine MIPS – popular product from the helmet specialists

RRP £115


A top seller across many of Snow+Rock’s stores, this helmet is packed with all the essential features and boasts a stealthy, stylish look. The washable liner is useful for keeping your helmet fresh trip after trip. The liner is also compatible with one of Giro’s audio upgrades for those that like to enjoy music while on the slopes.


The Nine is also available without MIPS for £90.


Giro Range MIPS – Innovative system for fantastic fit

RRP £250


Where most helmets will have a fit system that is integrated into the lining of a helmet, the Giro range is unique in the fact that the whole helmet adjusts to your head. The helmet is constructed of three overlapping plates that allow the entire helmet to expand and retract with the turn of a dial. This system ensures that the helmet fits the exact contours of each individual’s head, and after trying it on, we were certainly impressed by the comfort.


The helmet also comes with all the other usual features riders should expect from Giro. While the helmet is one of the pricier helmets we have highlighted, the level of comfort certainly warrants its inclusion.


Sweet Protection Igniter II – Signature style from the Scandinavian cult brand

RRP £150


The horns that emblazon all of Sweet Protection’s helmets are instantly recognisable and spotted in resorts across the world. The brand has become well known for its bombproof designs that are uncompromising when it comes to impact protection, and the Igniter is no different.


Tipping the scales slightly more than most this helmet is built to take big impacts in its stride, with the styling certainly echoing that. Despite the weight, the helmet has consistently proven to be a popular option for skiers looking for a rugged helmet with looks to match.


The Igniter II is also available with a MIPS liner for £180


Smith Holt – Back to basics for this budget lid

RRP £60


If you are looking for no frills head protection, then this helmet certainly delivers. By sticking to the essentials and doing them well, Smith has delivered a helmet that is both simple and effective. The Holt is especially accommodating for skiers and snowboarders who sometimes struggle to find a helmet large enough for their heads, with styling reminiscent of a skate helmet.


Smith Vantage MIPS Men’s and Women’s – The atypical freeride helmet

RRP £190


On the opposite end of Smith’s helmet range is the Vantage helmet, a helmet that screams freeride. With several features that will appeal to those who find their kicks outside the piste poles. 21 vents and a lightweight choroid construction will keep your head cool when boot packing or skinning towards untouched stashes of powder, while a sturdy shell with MIPS lining will keep your head protected on the way down.


Scott Apic Plus MIPS – Feature packed budget helmet

RRP £85


Tagging on to the end of our list of highlights is the Scott Apic Plus MIPS. Helmets that are stacked with the latest features usually come with a hefty price tag, but not the Apic Plus. Enough vents for even the warmest days, slick styling, a comfortable fit and one of the lowest price points for a MIPS equipped helmet we have seen made the inclusion of this helmet a no-brainer