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Snow+Rock have been fitting ski boots for over 30 years.

Whether you’re a regular on the slopes or just starting to get serious about skiing, their in-store experts will be able to find you the perfect pair of boots and tailor them to fit your feet in specialist boot fitting labs.

Ski and snowboard boot fitting is free of charge in all Snow+Rock stores (excluding Bridgend), and there’s no obligation to buy. Find your nearest Snow+Rock store here. 

How it works

The first step in the boot fitting process is a chat with your Snow+Rock boot fit technician about your needs. This will include your current skiing ability level (honesty is key!), what kinds of skiing you plan to be doing, and any past injuries which may affect you on the slopes. Next, detailed measurements will be taken of your feet, including forefoot width, instep height and heel and ankle width, to get an accurate picture of which boots will be best for your foot shape.

It’s always best to wear technical ski socks to your fitting; if you don’t currently have any, you’ll be assisted in choosing a pair from Snow+Rock’s extensive range. Once you’re in the right socks, and your technician has selected the best boot for you, they will perform a shell check. This is done without the boot’s inner lining to make sure your foot has enough space in four key areas: length, width, volume and the ankle cavity. If the boot passes the shell check, it’s time to try it on with the inner lining.

Remember that initially, ski boots will probably feel tight and uncomfortable. They’re intended to be stiff to provide the best support for skiing, so they won’t feel anything like your normal shoes. Being honest with your boot fitter will let them judge whether the boots are a good fit!

All ski boots come with a flat foam insole, which doesn’t offer any support. For greatly improved fit and performance, Snow+Rock always recommend replacing this with a custom-made moulded footbed, to exactly match the individual shapes of your feet. Your boot fit technician will make these for you at this stage.

Finally, it’s your chance to let your boot fitter know if there are any specific areas of discomfort in the ski boots. Snow+Rock have advanced technology in-store to customise your ski boots for the perfect fit, including spot stretching, softening the lining and even grinding away parts of the shell.

Because it’s such a complex process, it’s recommended that you allow two hours for your boot fitting to make sure it’s done thoroughly, and the boots you leave with are the perfect fit for you. However, if you get to the mountains and discover they don’t fit perfectly, you can take advantage of Snow+Rock’s Comfort Guarantee.

Comfort Guarantee

If you’re experiencing problems with your ski boots after 14 days of use, simply take them back to the Snow+Rock store you bought them from for a free re-fitting and further customisation. If they’re still causing discomfort, having allowed sufficient opportunity for Snow+Rock to refit your boots, you will be issued a credit note for the purchase price purchase minus a 35% usage fee. It’s that simple.

Don’t forget, Ski Club GB members benefit from 15% off at Snow+Rock, so visit us in-store for your free boot fitting, in-store expertise and ski gear from the very best brands.