Need boots for walking in resort on a ski holiday? We take a look at the Muck Muckboots Men’s Arctic Outpost winter boots 

The Arctic Outpost comes with a lining made up of a warm combination of fleece and flexible 4mm neoprene, meaning your feet should remain snug on the coldest of days, especially when stomping around in deep snow.

And snow, slush, rain and mud are kept on the outside thanks to a chunky rubber outer and a waterproof full-grain leather upper – this extends almost half-way up your shin so you don’t have to worry about walking around in deep snow, and chunky grips on the soles provide good stability in most conditions and on most terrain.

The boots slip on easily, even when wearing thick socks, and are lightweight and comfy from the off; what’s more, you needn’t save them just for snowy conditions – I found they worked just fine for dog walking on muddy Welsh footpaths and as such made for a good all-round winter boot, although I wouldn’t use them for serious winter hiking and hillwalking.

FOR:  Warm, light, instantly comfortable and ideal in snow.

AGAINST: You probably wouldn’t use them for serious winter hiking.