How do the SunGod Revolts Goggles perform on the mountain? Find out in our staff review by Sophie 

SunGod has featured heavily on the goggle landscape this season, after well-known snowsports freestyle athletes James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, Rowan Cheshire and Matthew McCormick catapulted the brand into the spotlight. We managed to get our hands on a pair to see what all the fuss was about.  

Naturally we took the goggles into the habitat which would suit them best, the mountains. There is a growing trend for larger, frameless goggles this season and people with smaller faces may struggle to avoid looking like an insect while keeping up with the trend.

I am one of those people.

Luckily, the Revolts are nice and flexible, easily moulding to fit my face. They are also very light which keeps them comfortable. I tested the goggles in varied conditions in the French Alps and found that they never steamed up thanks to the vents in the top and bottom to reduce fogging. No matter how warm I got, they stayed crystal clear. And when I was skiing through choppy conditions, the goggles stayed securely attached to my helmet thanks to the silicone strap.

Now on to the lenses. SunGod say that the 4KO lenses are engineered to enhance contrast and optimise clarity, regardless of terrain and light conditions. I found that clarity was consistently good but that did depend on me using the correct lens. The Revolts lenses are spherical, made from impact-resistant polycarbonate. The dual layers are designed to enhance your peripheral vision and I found that my field of vision was definitely improved thanks to the lens curving around my face. I also found the lens very straightforward to change, using the black one for sunny conditions and the high-vis blue one for flatter light. To change it, you simply turn the plastic dials on each side to release it from the frame and slide the new lens into its place, popping the five clips back in. And you’re ready to go!

The coating on the lenses is meant to be 3x scratch resistant. This is not a green light to throw them around and be careless but they certainly withstand gentle bumps and knocks. You still need to take good care of your goggles by storing them in the 100% microfibre pouch and it helps to keep them clean when you’ve been out all day on the slopes. To optimise your vision, there are 6 lenses to choose from including green, black, grey, pink, high-vis blue and fire orange. The frame and strap colours can be customised when you buy the goggles, so it’s easy to coordinate your new eyewear with your ski outfit.  

The goggles come in a stylish case made from reinforced nylon. It has a scratch-free soft inner lining and discreet SunGod logo on the front. The goggles live inside a 100% microfibre pouch, which should be used for cleaning and storage. The durable material of these goggles makes them a great mid-range investment and the variety of lenses means you can tackle the snow in almost any conditions. The Revolts also have a lifetime guarantee so if your goggles are faulty or you accidentally break them by face planting in the snow, SunGod will repair them for free!  

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