Does the Shred Bumper NoShock helmet provide protection and comfort on the slopes? Ski Club’s Peter Davies tested it out this season.

Shred helmets combine the creativity of freestyle with the high performance and professionalism of racing. The Shred Bumper NoShock helmet fits perfectly with both crowds, uniting both styles of skiing through great graphics and technology.

I tested this helmet in heavy snowfall and the ear lining provided warmth with comfort throughout the day. The adjustability allows you to fit the helmet to the shape of your head not just for size. A toggle at the back adjusts the fit of the helmet accordingly with your head. The padding can also be moved for personal preference with velcro tabs.

The Bumper NoShock is available in a variety of designs, my model was a bold navy colour with rust trim and graphics. It’s subtle but looks badass at the same time. The material for the ear pads has a hoodie/hat vibe which must be inspired by freestyle culture, but you can attach a chin guard if you’re planning on hitting the slalom courses.

The shape of the helmet allows for goggles to fit well on your face. Most importantly you won’t have the classic goggle gap as the helmet sits well on your forehead. The goggle clip is sturdy and is easy to clip your goggles on and off without complication.

Protection, of course, is the main element of any helmet. No matter what the design you want the reassurance that your helmet will reduce impact for falls on the slopes. The Bumper NoShock has a Rotational Energy System (RES) technology that has absorption units composed of cleverly placed thin elastic layers and helmet liner attachments. 

The safety design enables RES to redirect rotational forces by allowing a small amount of movement between the helmet and the head during impacts from any direction. These mimic the structure of our heads with the cushioning of fluid between the skull and brain.

On top of this, the helmet has Slow Response EPP Foam that becomes thicker and stiffer on impact. It’s constructed in a honeycomb pattern which is designed to provide protection against linear forces. This technology combined with the RES results in increased efficiency of shock absorption. On testing, luckily, I didn’t need the safety technology but it’s always a comfort to know there are safety measures that will help in a crash.

The Shred Bumper NoShock is a high-quality product that not only looks great but is also very comfortable to wear. Its innovative safety technology is important for any falls on the slopes that will be priceless in serious situations.

Pros: Subtle design but packed with innovative technology.

Cons: None, it’s a great helmet! No wonder a lot of professional skiers wear them.


£158 Shred Website