Do the Slytech Fortress All Mtn Gloves provide protection in all terrain and conditions? The Ski Club’s Peter Davies tested them to find out!

On first glance, the Slytech Fortress All Mtn Gloves are subtle and made to a very high standard. The design of the full leather base palm and neoprene cuff provide a nice snug fit and the level of detail is impressive, with touch screen material on the thumb and a nose wipe panel near the web of the hand (ok a bit gross but definitely useful!).

Cold weather is where the gloves excel. The Primaloft insulation keeps your hands warm deep in the minus celsius temperatures while allowing for breathability too. I tested these in cold, heavy snowfall and my hands were warm and dry throughout the day, which was a slight surprise since the material doesn’t look waterproof to the naked eye.

The grip layer on the palm of the gloves allows for good purchase on your ski pole handles, which is ideal for flat terrain when you’re pushing or heading out of a start gate in a race. The gloves are soft and easily packable, whereas most gloves can be a bit too sturdy to fold easily in pockets or luggage.

On top of the glove there is Slytech 2nd Skin XT foam padding that adapts to different impacts if the glove comes into contact with a force. This foam is more lightweight and flexible than traditional race gloves with metal or carbon protection. The materials used throughout the glove are also toxic-free, non allergenic and don’t contain harmful substances.

The only slight downside was the size of the thumbs. The glove fitted perfectly except for the length of the thumbs. Now it might be that I have tiny thumbs but there was a gap at the tip of the thumb but not the fingers.

Overall the Slytech Fortress All Mtn Gloves have innovative technology that’s implemented in a classy way. Some manufacturers can go overboard on the tech, but Slytech have managed to make a slick glove that isn’t too outrageous. These gloves will keep you warm at very low temperatures which is the main performance factor in any glove you want to purchase.

Pros: Well made, innovative technology and sleek style

Cons: Thumb size slightly disproportionate to fingers.


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