Ski Club took Bollé’s Nevada goggles for a spin over a week of varied riding to assess the performance of the Phantom lens

In 2018, the French brand’s 130th year, Bollé launched a fleet of new products, one of which was the Nevada goggle. I got my mitts on a set to see how they performed on the slopes of Les Arcs.

Bollé says these goggles have “the perfect combination between style and technology” and this certainly seems to be true in terms of aesthetic. The cylindrical lens has a slight retro aesthetic, but the high-tech feel and rimless design keep the overall look up to date. Straight out of the box the goggles felt light and modern with the minimal look which is right on trend and matching up nicely to most ski outfits and styles, from piste lover to all mountain charger to powder hound.

Trying the goggles on for the first time, they felt exceptionally comfortable, fitting my face seamlessly with the new Instinct MIPS helmet also from Bollé. Others that tried the goggles on also commented on the comfort of them, with the frames and comfortable triple-layer foam accommodating a decent range of head and face sizes.

Over a week of riding in the Tarentaise which ranged from blasting pistes to boot packing through fresh snow, I never once felt the need to remove the goggles due to any kind of discomfort. This is thanks in part to the fantastic fit and padding but also the patented Flow-tech ventilation. Subtle vents on the face of the goggle and various vents built into the frame kept my face cool and the double lens fog-free. The only time I encountered any kind of fog was after the goggles had been on my forehead while I had not been skiing, but I was impressed by how quickly the goggles cleared when I hit the slopes.

While the fantastic fit and comfort of the goggles are all important features, the real jewel in the crown of these goggles was the new Phantom photochromic lens from Bollé. Featuring across a range of Bollé’s snow and cycle products, the Phantom lens adapts to the light conditions around you, removing the need to carry multiple lenses for a variable day on the hill. On this occasion it was the Phantom Green Emerald version of the lens, but other tints are available to suit all tastes and palettes.

Over a week of mixed conditions, I would usually carry a couple of sets of lenses to adapt, so I was a little apprehensive when my kit list only contained the one set of lenses. Thankfully, the Phantom lenses pleasantly surprised me in terms of their performance across all conditions. They increased contrast when the light was flat and allowed enough light in for me to be able to comfortably navigate tricky snow conditions and during bright conditions, the lenses darkened to prevent glare and snow blindness.

Riders that struggle with glare in the very brightest conditions may not be suited to these goggles as I occasionally found myself slightly squinting in sunny weather, but not enough to bother me. Other than that, the only other issue I had with the goggles was rain clinging to the lenses, but this is a problem for most cylindrical lenses and solved with a simple wipe with the included microfiber bag.

The added benefit of only having one lens included is the cost saving. At only £149.00 RRP, the goggles offer top-end performance for less than most competitors.
Over a week of skiing in varied conditions, the goggles performed exceptionally well. If I had to describe Bollé’s new Nevada Goggles in three words, they would be: Fit and Forget. Once you have the goggles on, I didn’t feel the need to remove them all day.

Find the goggles here.


• Excellent performance in low and medium lights
• Amazingly comfortable for all-day wear
• Great value



• Sensitive eyes may struggle on the sunniest of days