In essence, a goggle serves two purposes, enhancing vision and protecting the eyes. But with an excess of different brands and styles to choose from, where do you start?

For most, skiing without goggles is unimaginable. The advanced protection and enhanced vision goggles offer over other forms of eyewear are invaluable.

By filtering out or boosting certain frequencies of light, your goggle lens only allows a suitable amount of light to pass through into your eyes. This has the effect of increasing contrast in low light conditions and preventing you from going snow-blind when it is sunny. Different lenses are built for different light conditions, look out for goggles that come with multiple lenses in the box to cover all conditions, however, some all-rounder lenses are seriously impressive. In recent years photochromic lenses have gained popularity, these smart lenses change opacity according to the immediate environment, meaning that you can ride all day without changing your lenses, come snow or shine.

Goggles provide a necessary barrier between your eyes and external forces. During a crash, the goggles will physically protect your eyes from damage while their UV protective qualities will protect your retinas from overexposure, a real danger in the mountains. No other eyewear offers the same security to skiers.

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So where a goggle only has two key functions, what is the difference between different models? The Ski Club explored Snow+Rock’s range in their flagship Covent Garden store ahead of the winter.

When choosing goggles it is important to ensure that they fit with your choice of helmet. Head down to a Snow+Rock store to try on the goggles below to find your best fit.


During our visit to the flagship Covent Garden store, shop staff estimated that around 60% of all customers that purchased goggles left the store with a pair bearing a large O on the strap. Oakley has long been the benchmark when it comes to any kind of sportswear, perhaps in no market more so than snowsports.

The launch of the brand’s recent Prizm lens technology has only bolstered its popularity, thanks to the technology’s ability to increase definition in a variety of light conditions. It’s easy to see why so many of the world’s best athletes choose the American eyewear brand as their vision of choice.

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We picked out three of Oakley’s models that are available in Snow+Rock stores and online this coming winter:

Oakley Flight Deck XM – Turn on the speed with Mikaela Shiffrin’s Signature Model

See with the same vision as one of alpine ski racing’s biggest stars, Mikaela Shiffrin. The Flight deck has historically been a fantastic goggle with an exceptional field of view, but it did not always fit well on small and medium head sizes, enter the XM version of the popular frame. Developed in collaboration with the speedster, these frames are shrunk to fit a medium size face but still offer that same level of peripheral vision.

The Prizm Sapphire Iridium lens is widely regarded as one of the best around, and it needs to be to win podiums on the World Cup circuit. If it’s good enough for Shiffrin, it’s good enough for us.

The Oakley Flight Deck XM goggles are available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £185, although different lens options are available at different price points.

Oakley Fall Line XL – Go big or go home with the Mark McMorris Signature Model

Another signature athlete model highlights the strength and depth of Oakley’s roster. With back to back X-Games Golds and an Olympic medal to his name, the Canadian is one of the leading lights in snowsports. Just like Mikaela, Mark has opted for the Prizm Sapphire Iridium lenses to help him scope his takeoffs and spot his landings.

The Fall Line is the basis of the signature model, with the XL version featuring oversized frames and offering fantastic peripheral vision. The unique shape cuts a distinctive shame, whether you are dancing on podiums or tables.

The Oakley Fall Line goggles are available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £180, although different lens options are available at different price points.

O-Frame 2.0 PRO XL – Big fit and style for a low price

For those looking for the Oakley tag but can’t quite stomach the three-figure price tag, the reasonably priced O-Frame 2.0 XL offers the signature Oakley look for a half the price. The large frames will suit those with bigger faces, with excellent peripheral vision, and while the Persimmon lens and Fire Iridium coating don’t quite have the same level of performance as their Prizm siblings, they still perform well in most conditions.

The Oakley O-Frame 2.0 XL goggles are available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £90.

While Oakley still wins in the popularity contest there are several brands hot on their heels. We picked out three of the best of the rest…

Dirty Dog Bullet – Unbelievable Value

Last year we tipped the Mutant 0.5 Goggle as one for those on a budget looking for a multi-lens setup, but those looking to save even more pennies as possible before hitting the slopes should consider the Dirty Dog Bullet goggles.

At under £45 this eyewear offers exceptional value, a clean look with a mirrored lens and option of three colours, it’s difficult to find fault in the Bullet. The Bullet could only be improved with the addition of a more versatile lens, but if you are skiing late in the season and expect lots of sunshine, then look no further.

The Dirty Dog Bullet goggles are available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £44.95.

Bollé Nevada – Photochromic magic at a quality price

After we took an in-depth look at Bollé’s fantastic Nevada goggles last season, we are glad to see them in Snow+Rock’s line up this year. The goggles offer fantastic value, sitting in the mid-range just below £100, they are technology-packed and feature Bollé’s fantastic Phantom lens coating. The photochromic lens performs over a range of light conditions without the need to switch the lenses.

In addition to a fantastic cylindrical lens, the Nevada had comfy face foam and a flexible frame which fits snugly to almost all faces.

The Bollé Nevada goggles are available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £96.

Sweet Protection Interstellar BLI – High-end quality from the renowned helmet manufacturer

Touted by the Snow+Rock staff as their favourite goggle in the range, the premium Sweet Protection Interstellar goggle seems to be one of the top performers for the coming season.

Carbon-reinforced frames for rigidity, a patented lens change system, ExcenterLock, where you don’t have to touch the lens surface to change and a double lens that enhances contrast in low light conditions. If that wasn’t enough there is a second lens in the box and the frames not only feel comfortable on your face but they also sit perfectly with any Sweet Protection Helmets.

The Sweet Protection Interstellar goggles are available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £229.95.

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