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Helmets are becoming more and more commonplace in winter resorts. In most ski areas you are now in the minority if you are not wearing a helmet. The rise in popularity of televised racing and freeskiing disciplines, where helmets are mandatory in competition, has led to the helmet becoming an integral part of most on-snow outfits, some resorts have made it illegal for minors to ride without one.

As the stigmatism of wearing a helmet continues to erode, the protection line up in a manufacturer’s range is becoming more and more important. Skiers and snowboarders are looking to brands to provide them with strong on slope protection that also delivers on style. Following demand, manufacturers are dispelling the myth that helmets are clunky and clumsy, delivering on protection and style.

Perhaps the most innovative helmet technology to come to the forefront in recent years is MIPS, which stands for Multidirectional Impact Protection System. The Swedish ingredient brand produces a low friction layer which sits inside many manufacturers helmets that negates the amount of energy exerted on the brain during rotational impacts. According to Snow+Rock’s in-store experts more and more of us are arriving in store unwilling to settle for a helmet without the system, the small yellow MIPS sticker on the helmet becoming a necessity for many.

Find out more about MIPS, how it was developed and its benefits in the Ski Club’s exclusive feature from the company’s R&D laboratory in Switzerland.

If you already own a helmet and have had a serious crash it’s important to replace the helmet even if it seems undamaged, internal damage can be invisible and limit the helmet’s protective qualities should you fall again.

So, what should I look for when purchasing a helmet?

The most important thing when selecting a helmet is fit. Different brands will work to slightly different head shapes, so it’s important you try before you buy. Not only is it important to get a secure fit on your head but also to ensure your goggles fit with the new helmet to minimise any air gaps. Style and colour should be secondary, but with an ever-growing range on offer, it’s easier than ever for skiers to find a well-fitted helmet they are happy to wear all day.

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Snow+Rock’s stores are located across the country and have a range of helmet and goggle options available to try on at your leisure. The Ski Club picked out six models from the high street and online retailer’s range below:

Giro Neo MIPS (Men’s) and Avera MIPS (Women’s) – A best seller and staff favourite

Giro’s Neo and Avera helmets are proving popular this season, with customers finding the fit exceptionally comfortable and the low-key styling a bona fide hit. While the names change for the men’s Neo and women’s Avera, little else does, both sharing a virtually identical construction with the women’s size range sitting a little below the men’s. Both helmets come with a MIPS layer, comfortable liners and earpads, and ample adjustable ventilation, allowing you to effectively moderate your temperature on the piste. At £120 this helmet is packed with some features on helmets double its price, and while it is not the cheapest it offers fantastic value for money.

The Giro Neo MIPS and Giro Avera MIPS are available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £120 each.

Bollé Backline Visor Premium – The all-in-one solution

While they will not be to everyone’s taste, visor helmets have carved out a noticeable corner of the market. The all-in-one system from Bollé offers skiers a helmet and goggle set up in one. The helmet itself offers firm protection thanks to an ABS shell with comfortable liner and removable earpads, a nifty click-to-fit system too, while the photochromic lens offers good definition over a range of conditions owing to its photochromic lens. These helmets are particularly popular with people who wear glasses on the slopes thanks to the extra room in the absence of goggle frames.

The Bollé Blackline Visor Premium Helmet is available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £249.

Oakley MOD1 – Minimal look from the biggest name 

“For those on the hunt for a helmet with minimal styling, look no further, this helmet is set to be a hit with freestyle skiers and snowboarders the world over. Oakley’s entry-level helmet has a simple no-frills design with a lightweight in-mould construction. The BOA system ensures a secure fit and a soft liner provides comfort, but some skiers will miss the advanced ventilation of helmets higher up the Oakley line.

The  Oakley MOD1 helmet Snow+Rock  or online for £249.

Smith Vantage MIPS– Top-end innovative and lightweight design

Though the Smith Vantage MIPS helmet is not the newest lid, it has retained its position near the top of the pile thanks to some innovative features that have proved a real hit with consumers. The protection specialist has crammed 21 (yes 21!) vents into the helmet assist the brands patented AirEvac2 system, if you have difficulties with overheating on the slopes then this could be the helmet for you. Bolstering the helmet’s status a MIPS liner, a lightweight Koroyd construction and a BOA 360 fit system in both male and female models.

The Smith Vantage men’s and women’s helmets are available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £219.95 each.

Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS – A lightweight take on bombproof design

Few protection brands are as recognisable as Sweet Protection, the Scandinavian company’s signature horns that adorn their helmets can be found in ski resorts across the world. The brand has a reputation for producing some of the toughest helmets around, but with new ranges, they are stripping back their bombproof designs to offer more lightweight products. The Switcher MIPS is labelled as “Sweet Protection’s most versatile all-mountain helmet”, and we are inclined to agree. With a MIPS layer, adjustable vents and a comfortable fit system that the company has successfully scaled its big mountain heritage into a package for the everyday skier or snowboarder.

The Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS helmet is available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £220.

Scott Track Plus MIPS – Top-end technology, bargain price

If there was ever proof that you don’t need to splash big cash to get a top-performing helmet, then the Scott Track Plus MIPS is it. The lowest-priced MIPS equipped helmet in the Snow+Rock range, the Track Plus holds fast thanks to a 360 fit system and the basic but effective ventilation will keep you cool on warmer days. Replacing the hugely popular Apic Plus, the new helmet is set to fly off the shelves this season.

The Scott Track Plus MIPS is available in Snow+Rock stores or online for £90.

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