Ski Club's Frankie Doherty reviewed the SHRED. Totality helmet in Andorra

SHRED are renowned for providing a safe and durable fit in their large range of helmets. Their unique RES technology allows for the comfort of feeling safe, whilst their stylish design allows for a relatively low-profile wear, despite the large branding sticker on the side of the helmet. This season I took the SHRED TOTALITY helmet to an unseasonably warm ski weekend in Andorra, to test out it’s fit and durability.

At first trial the padding on the ears gave for a snug fit, with the handy adjustment wheel at the back of the helmet providing for an easy mechanism for fitting, easy to use even whilst wearing mittens. Unfortunately, I did find that the plastic inner liner caused some discomfort for the first few runs of the day. Thankfully, SHRED have done a great job of accounting for this possibility by offering an easy further adjustment system inside of the helmet; like the way that you would imagine adjusting the back of a baseball cap. You can pop the ventilation system in to one of three switches to move the liner up or down, ensuring maximum comfort and fit. The ease of use allows for time to stop to make sure that the fit is correct, rather than just skiing through the discomfort or with an unsafe fit.

One cool feature of the SHRED helmets is their use of the “Rotational Energy System” (RES) technology. The system allows for increased protection, with its clever technology allowing for the helmet to move in an independent direction than your skull in the event of an impact. As the helmet can move in its own directional right, the technology works to divert the force of impact away from your head, when otherwise the shock may have gone straight through to the skull. Even with this clever system, the helmet is lightweight, meaning that it was easy to carry to the slopes as well as for comfort during the day.

The shape of the helmet allowed for my goggles to fit well, meaning that there was no visible gap between my helmet and the goggles. The goggle clip kept everything in place as it should have been, and the chin strap felt comfortable and at no point caused any irritation.

We had bluebird conditions every day, so I often had to take my helmet off on gondola or bubble lifts to get a breeze as the thick padding provided some warmth. It would have been great if the helmet had any further vents that could be slid open to provide a bit of air into the shell, however,I am sure the helmet would hold well in much lower and snowier conditions.

Pros: A stylish design whilst providing a safe and comfortable fit. Easy to use adjustment system to provide for easy personalized fitting.

Cons: No option for further ventilation in warm conditions, meaning that I often had to remove the helmet to cool down.