Seven resorts in seven days

It’s early January 2015 and the Ski Club send a crack team of explorers to the Tirol region of Austria, their mission? To visit 7 different ski resorts in just 7 days, while exploring as many tourist attractions as possible and immersing themselves in the local culture. It’s a big challenge but they have gallons of coffee and bundles of enthusiasm to keep them going.

After an action-packed day in Innsbruck Rob, Phil and Tom head to Axamer Lizum to go freeriding with Amplid pro skier Andi Nitsche and SpurArt owner, and mad man, Michi Freymann. After a number of near death experiences the boys then drive to the Zillertal Valley to enjoy a hot tub and barbecue under the stars at The Backyard, an old Austrian farmhouse with a twist. 

7 in 7 - Our guide to Axamer Lizum