Seven ski resorts in seven days.

It's early January 2015 and the Ski Club send a crack team of explorers to the Tirol region of Austria, their mission? To visit 7 different ski resorts in just 7 days, while exploring as many tourist attractions as possible and immersing themselves in the local culture. It’s a big challenge but they have gallons of coffee and bundles of enthusiasm to keep them going.

In this webisode our intrepid explorers shake off their hangovers and head to Ischgl where they marvel at the giant snow sculptures being built for Ischgls famous ‘Shapes in White’ competition. Following a day on the slopes they drive to Stanz Bei Landeck, the home of Schnapps, to test an array of Schnapps from one of the villages 50 home distilleries.

7 in 7 - Our guide to Ischgl