Whilst traditional winter-sports can deliver their own unique adrenalin shot, sometimes that just isn’t enough.Here are some of the best alternative activities to try out in a ski resort.

Whether you are looking for something to do on a downday or hoping to add to an epic day on the hill, there are a number of mountain activities available around the world to get your heart racing.

We pick some of our favourite off-the-chain, off-the-piste eye watering activities.

Ice Diving - Val Thorens, France

Scuba diving is a pursuit usually associated with sunny beaches and warm waters, but imagine submerging yourself in ice cold water, under a layer of ice, atop a mountain. Ski+board headed beneath the surface last season to see what all the fuss was about.

Ice diving is also available in Tignes and a number of other locations around the Alps.

Tryolienne - Orelle, France

Thrill-seekers can launch themselves from the tallest point in France’s 3 Valleys on one of the worlds highest altitude zip lines. Those adventures enough reach speeds of up to 100km/h with incredible views of the surrounding mountains, have a look for yourself in the top image!

On her visit to Val Thorens Harriet also flew along Val Thorens’ “Tryolienne” or Zip line, read about it in her above article.

Der Zeisel - Kuhtai, Austria

7 in 7 - Kühtai

Skip to the 7 minute mark to watch the Der Zeisel madness! Check out our Youtube channel for more videos.

We stumbled across this weird but wonderful activity in Kühtai when we were touring around the Austrian Tirol, and we still haven't found anything quite like Der Zeisel. If you are a fan of Marvel and DC comics then this activity will certainly strike a chord.

Bun-J-Ride - Tignes, France

OK, so this one might sort of involve skiing or snowboarding, but we think it definitely deserves a mention. If you have ever wondered what it feels like to ride off a cliff then this one is for you.

Pointing straight downhill, riders accelerate towards a huge drop, before the ground falls away from them and they are propelled outwards into thin air. Experiencing the feeling of free-fall for a split-second, daredevils are eventually caught by the two bungee chords attached to each hip.


Definitely not for the faint hearted, this adrenaline hit is available for anyone to try for €75 and is located right next to the red “Merles” slope. This attraction is right next to a chairlift and slope, so total commitment to the jump is required to draw a cheer!

Freestyle Academy - Laax, Switzerland

Situated in one of the Alps’ best freestyle resorts, the Freestyle Academy in Laax is the perfect place for families and active individuals to push their boundaries. Complete with airbags, trampolines and numerous skate and indoor snowparks, this hub of progression will bring out the child in anyone.

One minute you can be finding your feet one a trampoline, before hopping on a slackfline or springboard. Run over to the climbing wall to solo over the main airbag, or pull on some shoes to carve up one of the incredible skate zones, before heading to the piece de resistance, the big air jump. Fly down the dry-slope run in before hitting one of the two jumps to practice your aerial manoeuvres without the fear of injury on the large airbag.


Introduction courses start at 36 CHF and after that entry to the Freestyle Academy will set you back 19-30 CHF dependent on your age. Head to this indoor playground to push your boundaries and you might even bump into a few professional riders, like Olympic Bronze Medallist, Billy Morgan (above).

Mountain Kart - Serre Chevalier, France

There is more than one way to skin a cat, the old adage goes, and in Serre Che, there is more than one way to get down the mountain. This season the resort introduced a new activity; Mountain Kart. 

Mounted on tricycles with fat snow tyres and using gravity as their propulsion, riders rip down a cordoned off piste back to the bottom of the lifts. Negotiating banked turns along a specially designed course, adventurers have to focus all of there attentions on piloting their vehicle and try to not be distracted by the picturesque scenery. Running all season, the Mountain Kart costs €25.50 per run.

Discover Serre Chevalier’s unique activities and charms with Emily when she visited the resort earlier in the season.

Ice Karting - Tignes, France

There has never been an activity more closely linked to the cult classic Mario Kart. Hurtling around a track of ice on a specialist vehicle with studded tyres sounds like something you might see in a James Bond film but, unlike many of 007’s escapades this is one stunt you can actually get to grips with yourself.

Compete with friends on a 350m track on Tignes’ high altitude frozen track on specially adapted go-karts from just €20 throughout the winter. The resort is no stranger to frozen motorsports, having previously provided the venue for the first ever unassisted backflip in a car.

The World's First Unassisted Car Backflip


Skeleton - Whistler, Canada

After the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and the success of home talents Lizzie Yarnold, Laura Dees and Dom Parsons, the sport of Skeleton is experiencing a moment in the British limelight. Whilst there aren’t many tracks around the world, many of the facilities offer anyone brave enough a chance to have a go, and that is exactly what Harriet did when reporting for this season’s Ski+board:

Tobogganing - Various

For those that like the sound of sliding down a mountain fast but don’t like the sound of being encased in a track of concrete like ice, many resorts offer luge or toboggan runs. Whether you Are a family, group of mates or just after a bit of a solo adventure, these pistes can offer thrills and spills for all age groups. 

This activity is a family favourite in a number of resorts around the Alps and beyond, where the tracks have gained in popularity in recent years.

To find out more about traditional on snow activities and other useful information like snow reports, head to the resort pages on our website.