Relive your favourite ski moments from the movies with our list of some of our favourite silver screen snowy scenes.

The big screen has long had a love affair with the mountains. Dramatic landscapes are what location scouts dream of and fortunately, these are never in short supply in the mountains. From extreme luxury in the Swiss Alps to the remote wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, directors through the ages have chosen the mountains to host some of the most iconic scenes in cinema.

The Ski Club picked out 10 standout snow scenes from films both new and old.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) – St Moritz and Baffin Island

James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me


An iconic prologue to one of the highlights of Roger Moore’s tenure as 007. The start of the chase was filmed in the glitzy and very Bond-esque resort of St. Moritz, Switzerland. After dispatching several henchmen as he zips around crevasses and flips from cliffs, Moore finds himself hurtling towards a cliff. Launching himself from the wall of rock he detaches his skis and calmly deploys a parachute from his backpack emblazoned with a Union Flag. Before the days of CGI, this stunt was performed by stuntman Rick Sylvester and recorded on film by an elite crew in the remote Baffin Island, Canada.

After waiting for almost two weeks for a weather window the shoot was almost called off, but in the eleventh hour, a window presented itself. Luckily there were three cameras trained on the stuntman because only one of them managed to record the feat after the other cameras failed in the sub-zero temperatures.

Eddie the Eagle (2016) – Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Seefeld, Oberstorf and Bracknell

Eddie The Eagle


The Eagle will always have a place in British hearts after his historic entry in the 1988 Winter Olympics. The film was immortalised with the help of a star-studded cast including Hugh Jackman as rebellious coach Bronson Peary and Taron Egerton as Eddie himself. Actual footage of the games was used throughout the film, but mountain shots were filmed in Bavaria, mainly in Garmisch-Partenkirchen where Eddie actually trained in the eighties and Oberstdorf with some additional shots filmed in Seefeld in Tirol over the border in Austria. The eagle-eyed among you may also have spotted Bracknell dry ski slope in the film.

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Dumb and Dumber (1994) - Breckenridge, Park City and Copper Mountain

Dumb and Dumber


Cult classic Dumb and Dumber and is an office favourite at Ski Club HQ. When a comical duo finds a suitcase full of money they nobly try and return it to its owner, who they believe to be in Aspen. Setting off on a road trip across the USA the pair have several snowy encounters before the climax in Aspen. None of the film was actually shot in Aspen itself, with nearby towns of Breckenridge and Park City standing in as stunt doubles, and Copper Mountain being used for the on-snow scenes.

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Spectre (2015) – Solden and Obertillach

James Bond, Spectre


The second Bond film in our list is the most recent continuation of 007’s soft spot for high alpine pursuits. The scene where Daniel Craig’s Bond meets Madelene Swann, played by Lea Seydoux, in her alpine clinic is actually the IceQ restaurant in Solden. The chase scene that follows takes in the Gletscherstrasse and finishes in amongst the farm buildings of Obertillach. Filming in a setting such as this is not easy and the film crew came across a number of unique challenges associated with the remoteness and harshness of the location, but as we are sure you will agree the end result is breath-taking edge of your seat cinematic action.

Johnny English Reborn (2011) – Megeve 

Johnny English Reborn


From a very serious action movie filmed in the Alps to a decidedly sillier one. Secret agent Jonny English, played by national treasure Rowan Atkinson, returned to our screens for a second outing in 2011. On his way to routing out the mole within the security services the foolhardy and entertaining English finds himself chasing the culprit from the high reaches of Megeve. In a nod to a classic Bond moment, Jonny base jumps from the peak of the resort in pursuit of a gondola carrying the suspect.

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) - Fernie

Hot Tub Time Machine


This comic tale takes place in ‘Kodiak Valley Ski Resort’, we doubt many of you have skied there, it is after all not a real resort. The whole film was shot in the resort of Fernie, Canada. The gang accidentally travel back in time and get tangled up in all sorts of hilarious antics. Unfortunately, it would appear that time travel did nothing for the group’s on piste etiquette, as is proven in the video above!

Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason (2004) - Lech

Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason


The second in the trilogy of Bridget Jones’ escapades sees the lovable Jones get her first taste for snow in the Austrian resort of Lech. After initially struggling with finding her ski legs Bridget has a slight lapse in concentration during a shock to the system. The initial runaway train scenario snowballs as she finds her way onto a race piste, before hurtling into resort and into a hilarious exchange in and Austrian pharmacy. We doubt that we could style out a fall, as well as Jones, and her experience in the pharmacy, was a much-needed reminder to brush up on our German!  

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Inception (2010) – Fortress Mountain



Who can forget the epic action sequence in Christopher Nolan’s mindboggling Inception? The cast and crew of the film wanted to rely on CGI as little as possible, so many of the locations in the film are identifiable places from across the globe. In this dream world, the snowy fortress which Leonardo Dicaprio et al must infiltrate was filmed in Alberta, in a closed down ski resort aptly name Fortress Mountain. After closing in the early noughties, the ski area has been used for many films and commercial shoots, but despite finding fame in the movies there is talk of the resort reverting to its original purpose, with the shuttered resort hoping to get its lifts turning again in late 2020, but it is still to be seen whether this is the stuff of dreams or not.

Chalet Girl (2011) – St Anton

Chalet Girl


No ski movie list would be complete without mentioning this whirlwind gap-year ski romance. Is it cheesy? yes! But we can’t think of a better afternoon movie to put on in the chalet when the weather has closed in and the excessive amount of fondue you consumed at lunch is making skiing, or indeed moving, a difficult task.

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Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) – n/a

Grand Budapest Hotel


Wes Anderson’s masterpiece is made up of many mountain scenes, with the hotel itself nestled amongst towering peaks. Undoubtedly one of our favourite scenes in this visually stimulating movie is the ski chase. Discover how Anderson went about creating the thrilling game of on snow cat and mouse in the video above.

Wham! Last Christmas – Saas Fee

Wham! Last Christmas


Wham! recorded the video for their Christmas warmer in a Ski Club favourite resort, Saas Fee. We have to say that hearing this Christmas belter takes us back in time better than Hot Tub Time Machine ever could!

The Night Manager (2016) – Zermatt

The Night Manager


OK, this entry isn’t really a movie, but a series made for the smaller screen. Based on the John Le Carré Starring Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston and Olivia Coleman, The Night Manager stormed into living rooms across the UK in 2016 to critical acclaim. Jonathan Pine, played by Hiddleston, seeks solace in the Swiss Alps, working in a remote high-profile hotel near Zermatt. Exterior shots were filmed on location at the exclusive 5* retreat of Riffelalp accessible via the stereotypically Swiss Gornergrat railway.

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