At this year's AGM on 16 November the Ski Club will elect 2 new Council members. Here are the 6 members standing for election to the Council, in their own words.

All Ski Club members are eligible to vote. Online voting has now closed, but you can still vote in person by attending the AGM on Thursday 16 November, 6pm - at The City of London Club, 19 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1DS

Please email if you plan to attend the AGM. Please note that ripped jeans or trainers are not permitted to be worn at the City of London Club.

Dave Davenport

Proposed by: Kim Moss

I qualified as a Leader in December 2011 and am privileged to be a member of the Leaders course training team. Ironically, I had no idea that the Club existed prior to 2010 when a friend told me about the course and suggested I apply! I have been very fortunate in life and am still able to participate in exciting activities, enjoying the opportunities and challenges the Club has to offer. After a busy childhood as a Navy brat I joined the Royal Marines at 16 and served for 27 years around the globe in a variety of operational and training roles, initially at the top of Norway learning to ski and survive in the arctic during the Cold War! On leaving the RM in 1999 I set up a team and leadership development business, working with organisations often utilising experiential and adventurous activities.

Some of my experiences include being a charity trustee, school governor and organiser of fundraising events. If selected I would continue to look at ways of attracting more members and opening new resorts for Leaders.

Sue Dowden

Proposed by: Sula Bruce & Donna Hicks

I love skiing with a passion and would like to see more people taking it up and being involved with the Club. I started skiing in my late twenties and have skied every year since. I have dabbled in snowboarding and can definitely see its appeal.I have been a Ski Club member for over a decade, initially skiing in groups with Leaders and recently on Freshtracks holidays. I would hope to help implement ideas to broaden the appeal of the Ski Club to all ages, abilities and budgets. I would like to explore ways of engaging more skiers in France where the guiding ban has affected participation and to add value for members at a time when skiers’ budgets are being challenged by exchange rate movements.

My experience and skills are varied. My recent career has been in IT and management and formerly in NHS hospital pharmacy and as a college tutor. I have experience volunteering as Gamesmaker at London 2012 and, previously, on the committee at a windsurfing club. Above all I would like to think I bring enthusiasm and common sense. I would relish the opportunity to be able to contribute to make a good club better.

Tom Jarman

Proposed by: Anna Henley, Roo Thorncroft, David Morgan & Dave Beecham

I think the Ski Club is exceptional. It has been special to me ever since being led by fantastic Club reps in the 1990’s, introducing beautiful off-piste skiing and reawakening my love of skiing. This is a member-led club, helping all to have a great, safe time on snow. Council members can ensure the voice of members is strongly represented; communication, engagement and accountability are important. We should look to help enrich the Club experience for all, e.g. more support for member’s holiday plans (not just Freshtracks) and facilitate more group skiing, ideally with a leader. This can be challenging, we should seek new ways to widen the availability of member-group skiing in France and elsewhere. Club Leaders are an exceptional and able resource, keen to help, we should look to do more with them, which needs support and opportunity. The Club can encourage/support resort based initiatives such as the fantastic Val d’Isère member-led group skiing. I’m a Leader/Rep (2008) and company director, including HAB (a sustainable housing business) and Community R4C (community owned circular economy business).

Edward Kilwick

Proposed by: Martin Jordan & Cleeves Palmer

My love for skiing started in Snowdonia where I leant to ski. After leaving Art school I became a ski leader for Ski Thomson and worked two seasons for them in La Plagne and Wengen where I was invited to be a ski leader for the Down Hill Only club, which I enjoyed for two seasons and got involved with the Inferno ski races and the Kandahar Ski Club, which I joined in the early 1990s. I started a clothing business in 1989 from scratch and have managed it - first selling into shops very successfully and now becoming a very successful online business. I also now run a commercial property business.

I feel very passionate about the Ski Club, which I have been a member of since 1990 and becoming a Ski Club Leader in 2001 and feel with my experience of other clubs and skills running a business I have a lot to offer the club. I would like to see the Club become more appealing to younger people (which the Kandahar does do very well) maybe running race camps etc. I would like to see a proper club house with the memorabilia for all to enjoy.

Joanna Milner-Percy

Proposed by: Paul Mongan & Christine Robinson

With over 35 seasons of leading, I have experience of bringing the values of the Ski Club to the members in resort. Elected to Council in 1997, many discussions pertinent to the move from Eaton Square were well under way but I heard and contributed to arguments for investing and safeguarding the Club's future: with a freehold property providing lateral office space, generating some income from letting and a splendid reception room for displaying the historic memorabilia, rightly called The Arnold Lunn Library. Wimbledon, in outer London, was not my choice and the social aspect of the Club has since suffered. To address this, I recently organised two successful 'Reps’ Reunions' in the Clubhouse. Like many loyal, long term Leaders and members I am concerned for the Club's future - its reputation as the standard bearer of British skiing, custodian of skiing history and the social aspect of the Club both in the UK, and in resort. I have ideas for a London location, displaying the ski history doubling as a Club meeting place, investing in property, not in a leaky bank account and how to attract young loyal skiers to the Club - just as we were in our twenties. 

Zoe Phillips

Proposed by: Ian Holt

Skills and experience I feel I can bring to the council if elected are: I have extensive marketing experience, which means I’ve been involved in helping to re-evaluate the positioning, advertising, messaging and branding of companies and products. I’ve much experience in listening to customers, planning, organizing events, steering committees and meetings, and proposing ideas for challenges, alternative solutions and generally suggesting ways to improve things. Where our customers are our members, I’d like to ensure that we offer them the best club in terms of value for money, offerings relative to their interests & extra benefits.

During my time in office, I would like the club to achieve:

  1. The ‘go-to’ club for all relevant sports – an increase in snowboarding members, off-season members (increase information, news on other related and relevant activities to our members) and offerings for other on-piste activities such as snowboarding, and propose specific snowboarding off-piste/touring Freshtracks holidays.
  2. ‘Not just a jacket’ – gain international recognition of the Ski Club Leader course qualification, that will be recognized across all our resorts and enable Leaders to be officially recognized in resort and distinguish them from the likes of ‘holiday reps’ or ‘chalet hosts’.
  3. ‘Partner in active sports’ - to develop a strong proposition to attract potential partners to increase support, which can translate into uniforms for the Leaders and up to date equipment for members skiing with them.