Website Update 21 February

New Functionality

  • Reviewswhen logged in, you can now add your own reviews for all resorts, and Freshtracks holidays that you have been on.
  • Leader Search – you can now search for individual Ski Club Leaders via the main site search bar, rather than having to go to the drop-down list on the Leaders page. Results will only be displayed if that Leader is active this season.

Bug Fixes

  • Grindelwald is now showing on the Leader resorts list
  • Leader pre-registration intermittent date error has been fixed
  • A problem with ILG booking confirmation emails has been fixed
  • Unless you log out, members will now remain logged in for 12 hours before being logged out automatically.
  • iPad login now displaying correctly in both landscape and portrait formats
  • Profile photos – you can now add a photo without having to also add text to your profile
  • Various bug fixes regarding our affiliates section
  • Some format-tidying of member snow report emails
  • Newsletter sign-up from the homepage is now working. If you are already signed up this will take you to your communication preferences.

Website Update 24 January

The functionality below has been added to the website today. 

  • Favourites - you can now add any site content to your favourites; holidays, news articles, info & advice pages for example. Any page within the site can be added to your favourites. To do this, click on ‘Add to Favourites’ on the relevant page – this will then be displayed in ‘My Favourites’ in your ski locker.

  • Compare ski resorts – resorts that you have placed in your favourites can be compared, with the main resort details displayed side-by-side. To do this, click on ‘Compare’ for the relevant resorts in your favourites.

  • Profile photos – you can now add a photo to your profile. To do this click on ‘Edit my Profile’ in your ski locker. (Please note there is currently a minor bug that means the message ‘an error occurred' is displayed once you have uploaded your image and saved your changes. But if you refresh the page and re-save the changes, your profile photo will be displayed. We’ll try and get this bug fixed as soon as possible). You can also now add some additional information to your profile in the boxes below the photo.

Bug Fixes – the following issues in the list below (from the 10 Jan update) have now been resolved.

  • Outdated Leader snow reports and snow overviews are no longer being displayed on resort snow and weather pages.

  • Drop-down resort menus for Leaders and Instructor-led Guiding are now only displaying the resorts in which these services are available.
  • Email communications regarding ILG bookings and Leader pre-registrations should all now be working without issue. 

We are continuing to work with our developers to fix other issues, and will update here when we have more information.


Website Update 10 January

The site is currently under ongoing development and the team at the Club are working hard to ensure you have a great experience whilst using the site. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused, and we appreciate all of your feedback. Overall, the project has been technically challenging as we completely revamp the website, involving a change in technology as well as updating core components of the site. It will however hold us in good stead for years to come, and a solid platform to build upon. Overall the project is on track to complete for February, which includes resolving the items below: 

Current issues being resolved:

  • Some users find that they do not always receive snow reports having registered to receive them. We are working to resolve it as quickly as we can.  In the meantime, our snow and weather pages on the website are updated daily with the latest conditions.
  • You may see some outdated Leader snow reports and snow overviews on certain resort pages.  This is being resolved.
  • When searching for Leader and Instructor-led-Guiding resorts, the drop-down menu is currently listing all resorts.  In the meantime we have added links to the Leaders and ILG pages.
  • We are experiencing some problems with email communications when members register for the Leader or ILG services. We are double checking if incorrect information might have been sent and will email directly those affected with correct information.

Also, some hints and tips you may find useful:

  • If you access the site through a mobile device the menu options are in the ‘hamburger’ icon (three horizontal lines) at the top left of the screen. This includes the login link at the bottom of the menu.
  • When you log in to our new website for the first time please remember to click on the link sent to you in the activation email, as this will validate your log-in details.
  • Our discount pages offer some great savings. Please click on the link for the discount you are interested in to get to the appropriate page so you can get your discount code. If you have any problems with the discount codes please call the Club on 020 8410 2015.

We understand it is frustrating as we go through this development to create our all-new website. Due to circumstances beyond our direct control, some bugs go in to the live version of the website, which we are resolving as quickly as possible. Please be assured that the website is a major priority and we are working as hard as we can with our external developers to deliver a great site. 

Once again thanks for visiting the Ski Club online and sorry for the inconvenience our website upgrade work might be causing you. We will update this message as and when things change, and we are aiming to have the first phase on the site completed in the next month. 

Have a great ski season.