Ski Club of Great Britain present Sunset Sons at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Festival on the 27th October.

The band have rose to fame since forming in France in 2013 to recently announcing a support slot with Nothing But Thieves on their UK Tour. Before the band prepare to rock The Ski Club of Great Britain stage we caught up with drummer Jed Laidlaw, and asked about Sunset Sons’ journey from après ski band to playing major festivals.  

How did the band get started?

Jed Laidlaw: “We actually all met in a little bar by the beach in Hossegor, France called Le Surfing. I was teaching surfing down in the South West and I stopped by the bar for a beer and that night Rory (singer/piano) was doing a little gig.

“We got talking after and decided we were going to form a band and go up to the Alps the next winter to make some money because Rory had heard it was possible. He also said, ‘it would be easy cos all the bands up there are rubbish’. We never really made any money…”

What were the complications of playing at so many ski resorts?

JL: “There’s a lot. Long drives in the snow late at night after gigs are the worst. I’ve had my life flash before my eyes a few times thinking we were going to get snow ploughed off the road. We actually hit ice once and did a 50/50 grind up the central reservation. I have no idea how we survived.”

Which resort was the best to play live?

JL: “Tignes was always home turf but all the resorts we played were fun. Val d’Isere is close to our hearts and little La Tania too.”

Which member of the band is the best skier/boarder on the mountain?

JL: “Rory goes the fastest on skis. The first season we couldn’t even afford lift passes. We were living on baked bean baguettes and hiking to where we knew the lifts had no barriers some days. Not easy with a hangover.


Was it easy to start writing your own material after being a cover band?

JL: “The first song we wrote was rubbish. The second was She Wants. On The Road came pretty fast after that. They were the two songs most responsible for getting us a record deal. It’s not always that easy though.”

You're now playing at huge festivals and supporting major bands on big tours, has your performances changed much from the apres ski days?

JL: “The stages have got bigger and maybe our instruments are a bit shinier, my old drum kit was held together with duct tape, but we had a great time playing from the second we started together. That’s the one thing that’s never changed. We all love playing live.”

Are you looking forward to reliving the ski resort days at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Festival?

JL: “For sure! Can’t wait! We’ve got a load of mates who are going to be there from up the hill. Will there be Jäger Bombs?”

In a nutshell, how would you describe the band to those who haven't seen you live yet?

 JL: “We play big melodic rock songs. And we love to play them loud.”

Finally, if you could pick a ski resort to go to, where would it be?

JL: “I’d love to go to Aspen. Just to re-enact the snowball fight scene from Dumb and Dumber with Rory!”

The Sunset Sons will be playing The Ski Club of Great Britain Stage at 8:45pm on Saturday 27th October at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Festival in Battersea Park.

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