Appointment of new Council members


The Council is very pleased to announce that Abigail Bunney and Angus Maciver are being appointed to Council, which is the non-executive board of directors of the Ski Club of Great Britain Ltd.


They are being appointed to fill two casual vacancies that occur on the retirement of Kim Moss and Mark Borland and it is expected that these changes will be effective from the next Council meeting on 24th April 2019. They will be eligible for election at the next AGM at which it is expected that a further two vacancies will occur (further explanation is given below).


Both Abigail and Angus have wide-ranging management and business experience.


Until December 2018 Abigail worked with the Ministry of Defence to generate revenue from the Reserve Forces property estate with an earlier career primarily in property and banking. She learnt to ski at the age of 14, worked two ski seasons and has just completed a sabbatical, skiing extensively in Japan, Canada and Europe this winter. She has been a Ski Club member for three years, has two grown up sons and lives in south west London.


Angus was Chief Executive Officer of a £70million business offering out-sourced sales service until August 2018 and was previously Group marketing and communications director at Wm Morrisons Supermarkets plc having earlier worked primarily in marketing in insurance and consumer goods. He has skied for many years, has been a Ski Club member for thirteen years and completed the Leaders’ course this season. He has a property in Villars. He is married to Debbie and they live in Windsor.


Malcolm Bentley, Ski Club Chairman, on making this announcement, said that he and the other Council members are delighted that Abigail and Angus have agreed to join Council and very much look forward to working with them. He added that they were chosen following a selection process from seven candidates that had applied.


He would also, on behalf of himself, Council and the Ski Club, very much like to thank Kim and Mark for the strong contribution and support that they have offered during their time on Council, which has been highly valued.


The process for appointments to Council:


Under the Ski Club’s Articles of Association there may be up to eleven members of Council; three Officers, the President, Chairman and Treasurer, and up to eight Elected Council Members. The position of President as an Officer and Council member has not recently been filled and Chemmy Alcott has been appointed by Council as Honorary President.


Generally two Elected Council Members retire each year at the AGM to maintain rotating four year terms. No candidates stood for election at the 2018 AGM and thus Kim Moss and Mark Borland remain in office until their successors are appointed, as provided in the Articles.


If a casual vacancy occurs, Council may fill the vacancy. Kim and Mark have agreed to retire when Council has candidates to appoint as their successors, which it is expected to occur on 24th April 2019 with the appointment of Abigail and Angus. By making these appointments as soon as candidates have been chosen and part way through the year, we restore the normal cycle of rotation.


At the next AGM in November 2019, two further Elected Council Members will be due to retire in the normal way, creating vacancies for two further new Elected Council Members. Abigail and Angus will retire at the AGM and be eligible for election along with other candidates that are standing.


An invitation for candidates to put themselves forward to join Council will be made in good time before the deadline for nominations and Council expects to conduct a selection process.


Council may propose candidates to the membership for election. Alternatively any two members may propose a candidate, such a proposal being required no later than three months before the AGM.


For any enquiries contact Malcolm Bentley, Ski Club chairman 07803 188200.