Contribute to governing the Ski Club: consider joining Council, the non-executive Board.

Proposals are invited from individuals to join Council as an Elected Council Member at the next AGM in November. Generally two Elected Council Members step down every year, creating two vacancies.

The non-executive Council provides a critical, fundamental function to support and ensure the long-term survival, stability and growth of the Ski Club. It is presently developing and implementing ambitious new initiatives from the Strategic Plan whilst recruiting a new CEO. The coming months and years will be a crucial period for the Club in driving this ambition.

Council also provides a mechanism to allow members to be directly involved in the Club and to ensure that members concerns are addressed and reviewed. An important role of the Council is to provide an independent voice, not only to represent members and their concerns, but to assure good stewardship of the Club for the long-term.

Council is the non-executive company board of directors. Members have a fiduciary responsibility as directors and the issues, challenges, tasks and decisions that Council must address are very varied. They are those that arise with an organisation with a turnover over £6 million, with around 25,000 members, up to 30 staff, several hundred volunteer Reps, many partners and affiliates, operating internationally, in foreign currencies, with holiday and insurance businesses, magazine publishing, a large website and digital communication to a wide audience, all linked to a potentially hazardous sport carried out in extreme mountain conditions.


In addition to the strategic work, in recent years the Council has handled the following:

The decision and then sale of the White House and the move to modern, leased offices, and resultant selection of professional investment managers.
The unexpected resignation of Darren Neylon causing a further round of working with headhunters to recruit a replacement.
The necessary decision to cease the Leader Service and the consequent development of alternatives, partly building on the earlier experience in France.

We cannot predict the issues and challenges that may come to Council; it needs to be a well-rounded, professional board that best meets the needs of the Club. The Club seeks proposals from those with the required business experience, skills and commitment, and industry or business contacts to contribute towards good stewardship and growth of the Club.

The time commitment of Elected Council Members is estimated as one to two days per month, with periodic additional work on specific projects, working groups, committees or at events. Council meets most months and generally in Wimbledon at 5.30pm. Whilst video conference facilities are available, experience shows that attendance in person is necessary for a member to fully contribute. Candidates should take this into account when considering their ability to fulfil the role alongside other commitments and personal circumstances.

All candidates are asked to provide a CV and summary of their reasons for wishing to stand (maximum 200 words) concentrating on the experience and skills that they would bring to Council (rather than a manifesto of personal priorities). The priorities for the Club are the collective responsibility of Council in setting and supporting the long term strategy.

Candidates may be invited to meet with the Nominations Committee of Council.

Please note that under the Club’s Articles, extract reproduced below, candidates should give notice of their proposal to stand by 15th August.

The Council may propose candidates as Elected Council Members following a selection process by the Nominations Committee. Alternatively any two members of the Club may propose a candidate as an Elected Council Member by giving notice in writing to the Secretary accompanied by the written consent of the member so proposed not later than three calendar months before the annual general meeting.


How to apply:

Please email your application to or post it to Council Nominations, Ski Club of Great Britain, Connect House, 133-137 Alexandra Road, Wimbledon SW19 7JY.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on 15th August 2019.

Your application should include:

  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • The names of your proposers. Unless proposed by Council, you must be proposed by any two current members of the Ski Club.
  • Your CV and summary (maximum 200 words). This summary will be published on our website, and in our online Report and Accounts, which will be emailed to all members approximately one month before the AGM, and will include details of all those standing for election.
  • A high-resolution photo of yourself attached to your application email, for use alongside your election summary.

If you have any questions about your application, please email