To take our on snow offering to the next level, we've introduced a series of fantastic new performance clinics, an intensive ski instruction week, an epic month of training in the mountains and even the Ski Club's own race team. We're very excited about these new offerings and we're sure that they'll significantly add to our fantastic membership offering ahead of the 2019/20 season. So read on and follow the links below to find out more.

Ski Club Performance Ski and Snowboard Clinics

Our team of top British instructors – including Mark Jones, Amanda Pirie, Chemmy Alcott and Andy Jerram – have put together a fantastic day of instruction and video analysis to take your skiing to the next level. You’ll finish with new skills, refreshed ski legs and a personalised action plan to implement this winter.

And for those of you that prefer one plank, we’re also running two sessions for snowboarders, led by the excellent Baden Knifton from Onyx Snowboard School.

There's seven dates in August, September and October to choose from at the snow domes in Hemel Hempstead, Manchester and Tamworth – for more information please give us a call on 020 8410 2015.

  • Saturday 24th September - Ski Club On Piste and Mogul Performance Clinics (Hemel Hempstead) - Amanda Pirie and Chemmy Alcott 
  • Friday 20th September – Ski Club Ski Performance Clinic 1 (Hemel Hempstead) – Amanda Pirie and Mark Jones
  • Friday 20th September - Ski Club Snowboard Performance Clinic 1 (Hemel Hempstead) -  Baden Knifton
  • Saturday 21st September – Ski Club Ski Performance Clinic 2 (Hemel Hempstead) Amanda Pirie, and Mark Jones 
  • Saturday 21st September -Ski Club Snowboard Performance Clinic 2 (Hemel Hempstead) – Baden Knifton
  • Friday 27th September – Ski Club Performance Ski Clinic 3 (Manchester)– Amanda Pirie and Mark Jones
  • Saturday 28th September – Ski Club Performance Ski Clinic 4 (Manchester) – Amanda Pirie and Mark Jones
  • Friday 4th October – Ski Club Performance Ski Clinic 5 (Tamworth) – Andy Jerram
  • Saturday 5th October – Ski Club Performance Ski Clinic 6 (Tamworth) – Andy Jerram


Chemmy Alcott

"The first ever Ski Club UK Performance Day at Hemel was a huge success. Whilst the weather sweltered outside we stayed cool and energised whilst expanding our skills through easy to follow improvement pathways. Starting the day working on balance and getting our ski legs back, developing into for and aft pressure through to building big lateral angles, there really was an ideal drill for everyone. Individual video analysis bought up a host of opportunities to work on and areas to excel even further. My group was hungry to learn, open to change and had fantastic energy throughout."

Ski Club Performance Ski Course with Amanda Pirie

Kick-start your winter with a focussed week of instruction on the snowsure slopes of Tignes under the expert tutelage of Amanda Pirie. Amanda’s experience is extensive and with years of high-level instruction under her belt, you won’t find yourself in better hands.

The course will focus on developing your on piste skiing skills, but will also give you the tools to become a more adaptable skier no matter the terrain or conditions.

This winter’s course runs from 2nd – 6th December 2019 and costs £450 for Ski Club Members – for more information head to the click here, or give us a call on 020 8410 2015.

Make Me an Awesome Skier Course

If you’d love to spend a chunk of time in the mountains honing your skiing skills, then this is the course for you. We’ve partnered with Supreme Ski School to arrange an epic month of ski instruction in Méribel – one of our favourite resorts.

The unique course will also look more deeply at your skiing, covering everything from your equipment setup to a full biomechanics assessment. You’ll also look into the psychology and tactics of skiing, helping you to plan and make the most of all terrain, anywhere on the mountain.

The training runs from January 4th – February 1st 2020 and is run on a course only basis. – for more information click here or give us a call on 020 8410 2015.

The Ski Club Race Team

This season the Ski Club is inviting you to experience the thrill of ski racing and be part of our Race Team. Racing is one of the most exciting snowsports activities, one which requires ultimate control of speed and line. If you are a bit of a speed demon and fancy taking your skiing to the next level, you can join us and share a racing experience with like-minded skiers.

Our ski race team is open to anyone who can ski a black run under control, and we would advise a Ski Club rating of purple for entrants. The Ski Club is going to enter a team into the following amateur ski races this winter 2019-20…

Amateur International Club Championship (AICC) // March 11th – 13th // Flaine, France

Please email Amanda Pirie at the Ski Club for more information - [email protected]

Ski Club Ski clinic 2- Hemel Hempstead

Refresh and develop your skills ahead of the winter season in a fun and supportive environment on a full day performance clinic with the Ski Club.
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