Ski Club Annual General Meeting Update 2019

Members and council gathered to 58VE for the Ski Club Annual General Meeting.

The evening started with Chairman Malcolm Bentley giving an update on the club’s finances and performance over the past year. Chief Executive Ian Holt then gave an overview of the new Reps service and the legal basis for not continuing the Leader service. Ian Holt then gave a further presentation about the future of the club. Each section of the AGM was followed by a general question and answer session.

The results of the council elections then followed:

Malcolm Bentley was reelected as Chairman of the Ski Club.

Angus Maciver was elected as Club Treasurer on council.

Ed Killick, Martin Jordan, Tom Jarman and Gerry Aitkin were voted onto the council.

The member’s resolution was voted in favour.

The auditors were voted to be reinstated for the next financial year.