It was with regret that the Council of the Club this week asked Tom Jarman to step down as a member of Council. Before and since his appointment in November 2019, Tom’s enthusiasm for the Club has helped to bring about much needed change in both strategic planning and management. With colleagues, he was instrumental in the appointment in January of a new interim Chairman, Trevor Campbell Davis, and in April of a new interim General Manager, Angus Maciver. Both have extensive experience and are highly regarded in their fields.

It is not unusual that changing skills are needed at different times in the life of an organisation. With its combination of membership services and ski travel business, at a time of Covid-19 uncertainty, the Club needs clear and positive management, delivered through good teamwork between staff, members and Council. Regrettably, continuing disruption and challenge outside normal professional practice had become detrimental to good governance and swift progress.

Council and the Club thank Tom for his service and for his assistance in initiating the changes now being taken forward. He has our best wishes for the future as a valued member of the Ski Club.