The Ski Club are proud to announce a new partnership with GB Snowsport, the National Governing Body for snowsports in the UK. We will be working together to build closer links between GB Snowsport, its athletes and the passionate snowsports community.

GB Snowsport manages 12 Olympic and Paralympic snowsport disciplines, with an aim of reaching World Cup podiums and winning Olympic and Paralympic medals. We are working closely with GB Snowsport to build enthusiasm and excitement ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, which Great Britain is entering with high hopes. We want to keep you entertained and informed with interesting athlete news, stories, and activations to make sure you know who our hopeful medal winners are!


Vicky Gosling, Chief Executive, GB Snowsport said: “We are really pleased to be able to work more closely with Ski Club of Great Britain at this exciting time for British snowsport. We know how passionate and dedicated the country’s snowsport community is, and this partnership will play an important role in building enthusiasm across the country as we prepare for an incredibly exciting 2021/22 season and Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.”

Owen Chapman, Head of Member Services, Ski Club of Great Britain said: “Ski Club are thrilled to be working with GB Snowsport more closely and keeping our members engaged and up to date on all the exciting news and updates moving into the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games next year. Our members represent some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated Snowsports participants and this partnership will help in supporting those members and the wider Snowsports community moving forward.”



GB Snowsport, Snowsport England, Snowsport Scotland and Snowsport Wales are working together to ensure that snowsport across Britain is committed to diversity and inclusivity in all its forms. They are working to support the growth and success of our sport at every level.

To help ensure their efforts in this space reflect the real experiences of the snowsport community, we are asking you to contribute to the understanding of diversity and inclusion in snowsport through a dedicated survey. The information gathered will help identify barriers, opportunities, and perceptions about snowsport as it currently stands.

Complete the survey here and share your views on diversity and inclusion in snowsport.