49% of consumers still intend to go skiing this winter ‘if possible’ and 80% said they are likely to go next winter season. 

The Ski Club of Great Britain hosted another pulse survey over the Christmas and New Year period to further get a sense of consumer’s intentions for the remainder of this year’s ski season and thoughts on the 21/22 season. The survey aimed to see how consumers will be booking holidays based on likelihood, timings, location, accommodation and type of bookings, whilst also gathering insight into how Covid-19 has and will affect their plans in the future.  
The Ski Club initially sent out the survey to consumers in December, but as the further lockdown news hit at the beginning of January, a decision was taken to re-send the survey in January to try and gather any changing thoughts to the further restrictions. A total of over 5,000 responses were collected. 
The latest results are showing that 49% of consumers still intend to go skiing ‘if possible’ this season which has decreased by 10% from December results. Of this, 64% have yet to book their holiday. 
Of the 32% that said no to an intention of skiing this winter, 80% said they are likely to go next season which is up from 75% in December.  
The 19% who are ‘not sure’ for skiing this season, ‘being vaccinated’ is their highest priority in ensuring they can go closely followed by ‘low infection rates in the country I want to visit.’ 
54% of consumers are still planning to travel in March this season, however April ski holidays have seen an increase from 12% (December results) to 28% (January results) and these consumers are yet to book their holiday. 
Another increase from December to January is that 36% of consumer are planning to book their trip the week before they travel (27% in December), and a further 48% are saying 2-4 weeks before they travel (53% in December).  
For types of transport being used, 69% are still planning to fly, 21% by Eurotunnel and 7% via Ferry. 45% of consumers have said they plan to change the way they travel due to Covd-19.  
For types of accommodation intended to be booked, 44% have noted they will stay in a hotel, 22% apartment and 18% chalet. Only 22% changed their choice of accommodation due to Covid-19. 
Consumers were also asked how they plan on booking their ski holiday; 51% of consumers have stated they are likely to book their own travel, transfer and accommodation compared to 48% who will book with a Travel Agent/Tour Operator.  
The Ski Club conducted a similar pulse survey back in September which provides a good comparison to how consumer’s intentions have changed, the results can be found here.  
The Ski Club will be conducting another survey towards the beginning of winter 21/22 to capture the most up-to-date data on winter travel for next season and how Covid-19 may have affected this further. More information on this and how you can get involved and have your questions answered will be shared accordingly.