To help our Members and Ski Club Travel Insurance policy holders better understand the cover available to them this summer, our travel insurance providers, Millstream Underwriting Ltd, have provided the following update on Ski Club Travel Insurance policies and the cover they provide whilst travelling within the UK or Channel Islands.

This is a summary of the current coverage available under our products for travel within the United Kingdom or Channel Islands. International travel is less likely until later in 2021, following the impact to travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic and this document gives insight on how our products will respond when travelling within the United Kingdom or Channel Islands.



Not every domestic holiday is covered under Ski Club Travel Insurance policies - including that provided as part of Platinum Membership - and not every policy will cover domestic travel. It is important you read your policy documents carefully.

This advice applies to policy holders taking a holiday within the UK or Channel Islands, lasting two nights or more, who:

  • Renewed or took out a Ski Club Travel Insurance policy, including that provided as part of Platinum Membership, on or after 1 September 2020,


  • Who hold one of a; Ski Club Platinum Membership; a Gold or Diamond Annual Multi-trip Policy covering any region; or a Gold or Diamond Single-trip Policy explicitly for a holiday in the UK.

Please note, that holidays to the Channel Islands from the UK are covered as part of Gold & Diamond Single-trip policies covering Europe and Worldwide, and as such different advice will apply. However, holidays within the UK are only covered under UK-only Gold and Diamond Single-trip policies.


Key Coverage Whilst Travelling in the UK & Channel Islands

Cancellation & Curtailment Cover

Provides cover up to the limit shown in the summary of benefits if the insured persons need to cancel their internal travel due to:

-        Accidental injury, serious illness, death of the insured person, their immediate relative, a close business associate or any person with whom they are intending to travel. This cover is extended to include cancellation/curtailment if the insured person, an immediate relative or someone who you are travelling with catches COVID-19.

-        The insured person, their immediate relative or someone they are travelling with, the insured person’s home or place of business being made uninhabitable or the police requesting their response following a theft at their home.

Personal Accident Cover

A lump sum payable up to the limit shown on the summary of benefits due to the insured person’s death, loss of limbs, loss of sight and/or permanent total disablement whilst travelling.

Uninhabitable Accommodation

Provides cover up to the limit shown on the summary of benefits for reasonable additional accommodation and transport costs if the insured persons need other accommodation because they cannot use the booked accommodation.


Collision Damage Waiver

We will reimburse the insured persons up to the limits shown on the summary of benefits for the excess incurred on a hire car vehicle if that vehicle is damaged or stolen. This also includes the cost of replacing the rental car keys if they are lost, stolen, or damaged whilst renting, including the replacement costs to repair the locks on the vehicle.

Financial Failure Protection

Provides cover in the event of financial failure of a travel supplier, up to the limit shown in the summary benefits


Key Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to holidays taken within the UK and Channel Islands, and apply across all eligible policies. 

-        We will not pay any medical expenses claim unless the National Health Service in England, Wales or Scotland, or the Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, do not provide such expenses. If you reside in the Channel Islands, we will not pay any costs where your country of residence has a reciprocal health agreement with the United Kingdom. If you are on a cruise within UK waters, and require emergency medical treatment whilst on-board, we will consider claims 

-        The following sections do not apply whilst travelling internally:

o   Loss of passport, driving licence or visa expenses

o   Hospital benefit

o   Travel disruption

o   Missed departure 

-        We will not provide cover for any personal baggage which is covered under a household insurance policy. It is likely that an insured person’s household contents insurance will cover their items whilst away from home. However, customers should check this on their home insurance. 

-        We include cover for COVID 19 under medical expenses, cancellation and curtailment sections if you, a person who is travelling with you or an immediate relative you are intending to stay with catches COVID 19. All other claims as a consequence of COVID 19 will be excluded under our policies.