Following the announcement that some travel abroad is permitted from 17th May 2021, the providers of Ski Club Travel Insurance, Millstream Underwriting Ltd., have provided details of how your policy will respond in the event that you have a claim caused by Covid-19.

Last Updated: 11th June 2021

This guidance only applies to Ski Club Travel Insurance policies issued after 1 September 2020, and for Platinum Memberships taken out or most recently renewed between 1 September and present. For policy holders and Platinum Members with policies/memberships taken out prior to this date, please contact the Memberships team at [email protected] or on 0208 410 2015 for more guidance.

Since Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice can differ across countries within the same government travel list, please be aware that claims will be handled in line with the FCDO advice for each destination. This means that you may be able to claim on your insurance even if you travel against government guidance, as long as you’re not travelling against the FCDO advice or making a claim for something that is excluded from cover.


Please note

-        If you travel to a destination for which the FCDO advises against all or all but essential travel, no claims will be considered unless you have a valid reason for travelling – this must be agreed upon by Millstream prior to travelling.

-        If you are not travelling against FCDO advice, you will have the full benefit of your travel policy; the benefits as they apply to Covid-19 are described below.

-         While we have been working throughout the pandemic to ensure the appropriate levels of cover are in place for our customers, please be aware that cover relating to claims caused by Covid-19 is limited and will only apply in the circumstances set out below.



-        If you contract Covid-19 or are obliged to self-isolate and are unable to undertake a valid trip, we will consider a cancellation claim for unrecoverable expenses.

-        If you are unable to travel due to a change in FCDO advice (including lockdowns, general quarantines or other government restrictions), there will be no cancellation cover under your policy.

o   Claims for cancellation will be considered if no FCDO advice against travel exists at the time of booking. Please see previous advice available here.

-        If the entry requirements of the country to which you are travelling require you to self-isolate on arrival, we will not be able to consider cancellation or any other claims, even if the requirements change after you book your trip.



-       If you contract Covid-19 while on a valid trip, you should contact the 24hr medical assistance line; if your condition requires an early return home, this will be covered by your policy.

-         We will not be able to consider curtailment claims if you return home early due to a change in the traffic light status of your destination (for example if the government changes it from green to amber or red). Any additional costs incurred due the need to quarantine in the UK on your return will not be met by your policy.


Medical expenses

-        If you contract Covid-19 while on a valid trip, or are obliged to quarantine due to exposure to someone with the illness, then we will consider claims under the medical expenses section of cover as per the terms of your policy.

-        If you require medical assistance, please call the 24hr medical assistance helpline.


General advice

-        You should always check the FCDO advice for each country you plan to visit on your trip (even if it’s a stopover or transfer) both before you book and before you set off.

-        We recommend that when booking a trip, you explore the terms offered by your travel provider, especially where they relate to changes in travel conditions caused by Covid-19. You should expect your travel provider to be flexible and offer date changes or refunds if travel is not possible.

-        When making a booking, you should check not only the terms set out by the UK government but also those in place at your destination. For example, a country may be designated as green by the UK government, while at the destination there may be specific rules governing entry.

-        We also recommend that you acquaint yourself with the terms of the Package Travel Regulation. Please see here for full details.

-        You may wish to consider paying by credit card in order to afford yourself the maximum protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Please see here for further information.

-        Please refer to your policy documentation for full details of cover under your policy.



Although leisure travel is once again possible from 17th May, the pandemic continues to cause disruption around the world as well as posing significant health risks. We strongly recommend that you follow governmental advice at all times.