Since mid-May and the end of 3rd UK lockdown, travel has again become possible (and legal). The introductions of a new traffic light system and changing arrival rules based on vaccination status has reignited the prospect for many of a ski holiday this winter.

Last updated 18th August 2021

This guidance only applies to Ski Club Travel Insurance policies issued after 1 September 2020, and for Platinum Memberships taken out or renewed 1 September 2020 and present. For policy holders and Platinum members with policies/memberships taken out prior to this date, please contact the Memberships team at or on 0208 410 2015 for more guidance.

With people increasingly wanting to take advantage of travelling with fewer restrictions, it’s a good opportunity to remind you of the cover available under the Millstream travel insurance policy.

The policy bases cover on the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO) assessment of risk; this is not always aligned directly to the UK government traffic light system, and you should always check carefully before booking or travelling. FCDO advice can differ across countries within the same government travel list, and, on rare occasions, between different regions of the same country.

As long as you are not travelling against FCDO advice, below is a summary of the cover that applies where the pandemic is the cause of loss. You can check FCDO advice on travel at


Medical expenses

  • If you contract Covid-19 while on a valid trip or are subject to quarantine on the orders of a treating medical practitioner, you will have the full benefit of the medical expenses cover. If you require assistance, you should contact the 24hr medical assistance company, details of which are in the policy documentation.



  • If you, or any person with whom you are intending to travel, or an immediate relative become ill or test positive with Covid-19 and you are unable to travel, then you will be able to make a cancellation claim for unrecoverable costs. We will ask you to provide evidence of a positive PCR test (a self-administered lateral flow test is not sufficient on its own).


  • If you are obliged to self-isolate due to exposure to someone who has tested positive, you will be able to make a claim for unrecoverable costs. This will apply both if you are notified by the NHS Track and Trace system or ‘pinged’ by the NHS Covid-19 App. We will consider the cost of Covid-19 tests as part of your travel costs in the event that you have a valid cancellation claim.


  • Please note, we are unable to offer cancellation cover as a result of either the FCDO advising against all or all but essential travel, or if you are required to self-isolate upon arrival in your destination country.


    • An exception exists where this FCDO advice was not in place at the time of booking – please see previous updates for more information.
    • The need to quarantine upon your return in the UK will not be considered sufficient grounds to cancel your trip.



  • If whilst on a valid trip, you, or any person with whom you are intending to travel, or an immediate relative become ill or test positive with Covid-19, then you will be able to make a curtailment claim for unused unrecoverable costs. We will ask you to provide evidence of a positive PCR test (a self-administered lateral flow test is not sufficient on its own). You should contact the 24hr emergency assistance line, who will continue to offer advice on next steps.


  • We will not be able to consider curtailment claims if you return home early due to a change in the traffic light status of your destination. Any additional costs incurred due to the need to quarantine upon your return to the UK will not be covered by the policy.



What do we mean by ‘unrecoverable’?

In some cases, it will be possible to obtain a full or partial refund or credit from the travel provider. This would be a recoverable cost and so you would not be able to claim on your insurance. When making a booking, we strongly recommend you enquire with your travel provider on what terms they offer if you are unable to travel due to the pandemic (for example, what will happen if the traffic light status of your destination changes or if restrictions are imposed at your destination).

The general exclusion for pandemics will continue to apply to all other claims, including cancellations due to a change in FCDO advice.


Medical Screening

More customers are now looking to renew their policies and screen their medical conditions. Millstream strongly believes that customers with pre-existing medical conditions should be able to declare their medical conditions and have the peace of mind that these conditions will be covered when they travel. In some cases, you won't have to pay anything extra but in others there will be an additional cost.

Our comprehensive screening system – available online or via our support team – assesses risk and calculates the extra cost of covering medical conditions. We also have fully qualified nurses for when circumstances are more complicated and we offer an appointment system to facilitate this service. This allows us to appreciate individual circumstances as sympathetically as possible.

On rare occasions, we aren’t able to cover a medical condition because it is too much of a risk (for example, if you have recently had major surgery or are still receiving treatment or have an undiagnosed condition). If this happens, we won't offer the policy because we don’t believe it is in our customers’ best interests to travel when under-insured. If you are in any doubt, tell us about your condition and we’ll provide you with the advice you need

General Advice

You should always check the FCDO advice for each country you plan to visit on your trip (even if it’s a stopover or transfer) both before you book and before you set off.

We recommend that when booking a trip, you explore the terms offered by your travel provider, especially where they relate to changes in travel conditions caused by Covid-19. You should expect your travel provider to be flexible and offer date changes or refunds if travel is not possible.

When making a booking, you should check not only the terms set out by the UK government but also those in place at your destination. For example, a country may be designated as green by the UK government, while at the destination there may be specific rules governing entry.

We also recommend that you acquaint yourself with the terms of the Package Travel Regulation. Please see here for full details.

You may wish to consider paying by credit card in order to afford yourself the maximum protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Please see here for further information.

Please refer to your policy documentation for full details of cover under your policy.