The charity’s new campaign invites you to attempt your own challenge and show your support for providing opportunities for young people.

“Giving young people positive opportunities can turn their lives around. Our #Switch180 campaign highlights that we must do more as a society to provide positive opportunities for our young people.”

Snow-Camp conducted research in collaboration with YouGov at the end of last year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the research found that opportunities for young people played a massive part in a young person’s personal development. Positive opportunities can motivate and inspire anyone from any walk of life to achieve their potential and make real-world, positive steps.

The study found that this is particularly true amongst young people, where the possibility of falling in to crime and antisocial behaviour is higher. By providing young people, particularly in inner cities, with positive opportunities like the Snow-Camp programme, the risk of them falling in to crime is greatly reduced.

76% of young people believe that a lack of positive opportunities puts young people at an increased risk of falling into crime and antisocial behaviour.

The statistics speak for themselves, and highlight the need for Snow-Camp’s work in today’s Britain.

Snow-Camp are asking you to share your own #Switch180 moment on social media, describing how a positive opportunity in your life has influenced you for the better, remember to use the #Switch180 hashtag.

Laquan's story

Discover how participating in the Snow-Camp programme became Laquan’s #Switch180 moment.

It’s not just on social media that you can support the campaign. You can donate to the cause, sign Snow-Camp’s petition to increase government funding to youth projects or simply sign up to Snow-Camp’s newsletter to stay in the loop about other ways you can support.

Creating your own fundraising challenge is another fantastic way to support the cause. Any challenge big, or small can be undertaken. Why not cycle to work 180 times, or perhaps climb 180 flights of stairs, or maybe complete 180 sudoku puzzles. Be as creative as possible!

Find out more on Snow-Camp's website.

The Ski Club have supported Snow-Camp for many years. Snow-Camp Apprentices will regularly spend three months in the office to experience life in a working environment within the snowsports industry. This year we hosted Rashane from South London who has now moved on to the next stage of the programme.