With well over 200 ski resorts, there's a lot of skiing on offer in Poland. Although there are resorts spread across the country, the majority are in the south, close to the borders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The altitudes of the ski slopes range up to around 2000m.

The cost of skiing on Poland is significantly less than in the mainstream skiing locations of Europe.

If you prefer a multi-centre stay, then Poland is a great choice, where you can enjoy the history of the major citites, such as Kraków, along with access to a host of nearby ski resorts. Zakopane is the most famous skiing destination in Poland for British skiers, with five ski resorts withing easy reach. Zakopane is about a 2 hour drive south of Kraków. 


Rewarding cultural experience

Resorts are all less busy

The food. Opportunities for unusual gastronomic experiences are rife.

Friendly and approachable people 


Mountains in Poland are a poor man’s Alps

Underdeveloped lift systems and resort infrastructure

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