The great thing about this is that the resorts offer something slightly different to the essentially homogenized riding experience that is snowboarding in Europe or North America. The Russian scene is expanding rapidly, with riders and film crews beginning to show up in places like Krasnaya Poliana, filming for local and international movies. A word of warning: the resorts reflect the black market economy of Russia as a whole, so expect to get ripped off at times, and expect to pay bribes.

Facts & Figures
Currency Ruble (RUB)
Time zone GMT +2 to GMT +12
Country code +7
Ambulance 3
Police 2
Fire 1


Rewarding cultural experience 

Resorts are all less busy 

The food. Opportunities for unusual gastronomic experiences are rife.

Cheaper than other western European resorts.

Friendly and approachable people


The complications and expense of getting a visa can be a bane

Russia is quickly becoming as expensive as Western Europe

Underdeveloped lift systems and resort infrastructure

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