The ski scene in Russia is quickly emerging, driven by the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. The mountains inland of this city on the Black Sea are home to most of the best resorts in the country, including Rosa Khutor, the host of the alpine ski races and by far the biggest area in Russia.

At Rosa Khutor, a lot of money has been pumped in, ensuring slick lifts take you to the upper slopes, slopes famous for their volume of snowfall and great views. Most of the visitors are still Russian, but an increasing proportion of foreign visitors have been visiting in recent years to enjoy the powder, backcountry and relatively quiet slopes.

A number of smaller resorts also offer decent skiing and keep an eye out for big changes in the coming years as more money is ploughed into developing the Russian mountains into an international ski destination.


Fast emerging ski destination

Good snowfall record and backcountry opportunities

Few foreign visitors and a good cultural experience

Lots of recent investment, especially since Sochi


Rosa Khutor the only major destination for foreign visitors

A bit of bureaucracy still to get here and to stay here

Lots of building work ongoing and resorts still developing

Language barrier can be an issue

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