Experienced skiers and snowboarders who will share their knowledge of the mountain and resort

The Ski Club’s On-Snow services cover both our Ski Club Representatives (Reps) as well as our Instructor Led Guiding service (I.L.G). The Ski Club has hundreds of Reps, who operate in 17 resorts worldwide, as well as accompanying each of our Freshtracks holidays. Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our on-snow offering, to help you to get the most out of the service! If you have any further questions regarding either our Reps or I.L.G service, please get in touch with our team on either [email protected] or 020 8410 2039

Q - Who are the Ski Club Reps?

A - Our Ski Club Representatives (Reps) are members of the Ski Club who want to share their passion for The Club and its members, with other members! The Reps come from all different backgrounds and countries however all with the same passion to share their love for the mountains. Each Rep has taken part in our specially designed Reps Course, which encompasses aspects of Mountain Safety and Leadership. Reps are required to take a shorter “refresher” course once every five years, so that the Club ensures a minimum standard of skiing is kept within our Reps as well as a minimum standard for safety knowledge. As well as skiing and mountain safety skills, we ensure that each of our Reps have the communication and organisational skills necessary to make a fantastic Rep in order to benefit our members whilst in resort or on a Freshtracks holiday. Whether that means creating WhatsApp groups before a Freshtracks trip, to get the members chatting and excited before meeting in the arrivals hall, or organising our “social hour” Ski Club meet ups whilst in resort.

Q - Can I still ski with a Ski Club Rep?

A - Yes, our Reps are encouraged to ski alongside members in a social capacity. Although our Ski Club Reps are no longer Ski Club “Leaders”, our Reps are there to help facilitate a great day of social skiing. Although the Reps will no longer wear their blue jackets and lead from the front, the Rep can still share their knowledge of the mountain and enable social-skiing groups to get the most out of the days skiing. Members can form social skiing groups, where each member of the group is equal, those within the group with specific knowledge can share their wisdom. The Reps knowledge of a resort if of course valuable and our Reps are encouraged to share this knowledge with the group.

Reps will also play a vital role still on our Ski Club Freshtracks holiday, where they will either “back-mark” behind one of the many incredible guides on the Freshtracks trips, or they will help the members form social skiing groups, joining the groups for a great day on the mountain.

Q - Sounds great, I’d love to social Ski with a Ski Club Rep! How do I know where to find them?

A - As well as accompanying each of our Freshtracks holidays, Reps will be based in 17 resorts across the world in Winter 2020/2021. Please use the handy infographic here to find where the Reps will be! If you are interested in seeing the programme for the week that you are in resort, please head to the Resort Page and click on the “Reps” tab. Not only can you view which Rep will be in resort, but you can also click on the Rep’s profile to find out a little more about the Rep and their experience.

Q - I’ve booked to go to a resort where a Rep will be based. How will the Ski Club Rep find me in resort, or how will I find them?

A - If you are hoping to meet with a Rep in resort, please use our handy “pre-registration” system via the Ski Club website to let our Reps know that you will be in resort. Once you pre-register, your details will be sent across to the Rep who will be in touch with you prior to your trip. As well as the pre-registration system, you will be able to join our Resort Dedicated Facebook page (please click here to find a list of our resort pages) to chat to members and the Rep before and during your stay in resort.

Although our Reps will no longer be wearing their blue Ski Club jackets, you will still be able to view their meeting time and place on our Ski Club website. If you have pre-registered with the Rep, the Rep will be expecting to see you and will have your contact details. Each Rep will host a Social Hour each night (please check out the resort page for your chosen resort on the Ski Club Website’s for details of the location and time). If you would like to meet your Rep there, this is a great chance to get to know them and discuss your plans for the following day! The social hour will also enable you to meet with other Ski Club members whilst in resort.

If you’d like to increase your visibility in resort, please check out our brand-new Ski Club Merchandise shop. Whether it is a Ski Club facemask, a Ski Club gilet or a Ski Club hat, this will make sure that you stand out to members whilst in resort!

Q - How will Covid-19 affect my skiing with a Rep?

A - The Ski Club are unable to send any Rep to an area which is advised against by the FCDO. The Ski Club are monitoring the travel restrictions on a weekly basis and we are in constant communication with our Reps and resort contacts. The decision will be made on each Resort Rep slot roughly four weeks prior to the departure date for if a Rep will be able to travel to resort. If you pre-register with a Rep who is unable to travel to resort, the Ski Club will be in touch with you.

Upon arrival into each resort the Rep will meet with a Resort Official in order to find out any valuable information that can be passed to our Ski Club members. Resorts have been working extremely hard over the summer months to ensure that their Covid-19 measures have been practiced and are practical for skiers within the resort. Whether that be increased cleaning, limited numbers on the lifts or seated après events, our Rep will find this information out first-hand from the resorts to pass directly to our members.

Reps will also assist in booking lunch spots, après tables and find the best deals for members around the resort! Although the resorts may look a little different this season, having direct resort information from the Rep will ensure that our members have the most up to date information possible. As well as information from the Reps, The Ski Club have created a handy webpage with direct links to a long list of resorts Covid-19 measures. If you would like to view any of these resorts before travelling, please see the page here.

Q - I would like to join the Reps and members to social ski however, I am not sure if I am the right ski level for the advertised programme. How do I check this?

A - A general weekly programme will be published on the Ski Club website outlining the type of skiing alongside the standard for the day each week. If you would like to learn a little more about our Ski Club Ski Profiles, please click here. Our Rep is there to help members form social skiing groups, so please do speak with the Rep who will help in facilitating a great day on the mountain! If you’d like to discuss your suitability for one of our Freshtracks holidays, the Freshtracks team would be more than happy to help with any queries on [email protected]

Q - I already have ski plans during my holiday. Can I spend any time with the Reps other than during ski hours?

A - Absolutely! The Reps are there to help with every stage of your holiday. Each evening our Resort Reps will host a “social hour”, where Ski Club members can meet to discuss their days skiing and their plans for the week. On top of the social hour, Reps often help members make the most of the resort by arranging several other activities. Lantern lit walks, dog sledding or ice-skating are examples of the many activities that our Reps can help to organise!

Q - How do I communicate with a Rep in resort?

A - There are several ways in which you can communicate with a Rep whilst in resort. Firstly, if you pre-register with a Rep the Rep will have your details and will be in touch with you directly in order to discuss your arrangements for the week. Reps and members also actively use our resort dedicated Facebook pages in order to share plans for the week or photos from the days skiing! If you need any further help with contacting the Rep in resort, please contact the On-Snow Team on [email protected]

Q - Are the Ski Club Reps paid and do I have to pay for the service?

A - Our Ski Club Reps are volunteers, meaning that they are not paid for their services. They do, however, receive some benefits in kind such as accommodation, lift pass and a meal allowance whilst in resort. The Rep service is a member benefit for all members of the Ski Club. There will be no additional cost to the member to enjoy the Reps service. If you are not yet a member of the Ski Club however would like to try out the service, please feel free to get in touch with the Rep in resort to arrange your free day.

Q - Being a Ski Club Rep looks great! How do I apply?

A - Brilliant! We are always looking to grow and expand our Rep community. In order to become a Rep, you must complete our Ski Club Mountain Safety and Leadership Course. The course runs in Tignes, France at the start of each season. For more information on the course requirements and content please click here.

Q - I am going on holiday to a resort in France, where the Reps are not based. Does the Ski Club offer any other services in French resorts?

A - Yes! Although we are unable to place Reps in French resorts, we do run our Instructor Led Guiding (I.L.G) service! The I.L.G service can be found in 11 French resorts as well as St Anton and Verbier. The Instructor-led guiding (ILG) service is unique opportunity for Ski Club members that offers exciting, social and affordable skiing with fully qualified mountain professionals. Our old “Leaders” were not qualified instructors or guides and thus could only operate in certain areas of the mountain, whereas with a fully qualified professional you can explore much more of the mountain and improve your skills with tips and tricks form the instructors.

q - The Instructor Led Guiding Service looks great! How do I book on?

A - Please click here to view the sessions that we have on offer this winter!

Q - I do not have my own avalanche safety equipment. Can I still book onto an I.L.G session?

A - Absolutely! When completing your booking there will be an opportunity to state if you will need to borrow equipment from the instructors. The instructors will then have the equipment ready and waiting and will teach you everything that you need to know so that you can use the equipment.