Become a Ski Club Social Rep

The Ski Club prides itself on bringing like-minded snowsport enthusiasts together on the mountain. We have thousands of members travelling to ski resorts around the world and we need your help to bring people together. To complement our Ski Club Rep Service, we would love to have volunteers to become Ski Club Social Reps in any resort you please!  

Take a look at how you could become a Ski Club Social Rep for future seasons!  


Who are the Social Reps?

Social Reps are active members of our Club Community who wish to facilitate social activities whilst in resort. 

  • A Social Rep can be any active member of the Ski Club who would like to facilitate social meet ups and activities in resort or regionally in the UK.  
  • The “Social Rep” role is different to our “Ski Club Rep” role, however these two roles are not mutually exclusive, and some trained Reps may wish to act as Social Reps also - The Social Rep position will not replace our dedicated Ski Club Reps! 
  • We would encourage any member who wishes to be a Social Rep to get in touch with H.Q and discuss their options for the winter ahead, as well as future years. 

Why have we created the role of a Social Rep? 

  • Here at Ski Club HQ, we have one main goal - to ensure that our members get the most out of their time in the mountains!  
  • We believe that the role of the Social Rep will help to reignite the “Club” feeling amongst members and allow for greater member presence and Club feel out in resorts, where we may or may not already have the presence of our dedicated Ski Club Reps.  
  • By acting as a social Rep, or communicating with a social Rep, this will help to encourage communication within our community allowing for members to meet, ski, and share their experiences of the mountains.  

What is the role of a Social Rep? 

 ✔ The role of a Social Rep is to facilitate social meet ups and activities in resorts or regionally across the U.K. These resorts could include our already “Repped” resorts or could be resorts where we do not have a pre-established Ski Club presence.

 ✔ A Social Rep will communicate with other members in resort using our Ski Club communication channels, such as our exclusive Ski Club App (launching January 2021) or “Ski Club – Resort” dedicated Facebook pages.  

✔ The Ski Club HQ will be on hand to assist in helping Social Reps to communicate with members in resort or linking members with our Social Reps.

✔ Once Social Reps have established communication channels with members in resort, the role of the Social Rep will be to arrange and encourage member meet ups in resort. These social activities could be on or off snow and a Social Rep will share their knowledge of the resort with other members. 

✔ For example, activities could include; social evenings (such as quiz nights), meals, taking part in recreational activities around the resort, being an active user of the Ski Club App or social skiing as a group of friends. 

✔ There will be no minimum or maximum requirement of time dedicated to acting as a Social Rep – which allows for flexibility within the role and differentiates the role from our dedicated in resort “Ski Club Reps”.  

✔ For example, if a member is on holiday in a resort for one week and would like to dedicate only one/two days of their time to social Repping, this would be actively encouraged by the Club. Similarly, if a Social Rep is in a resort for a longer duration of time and would like to dedicate one day per week to the Role of the Social Rep over several weeks, this would also be actively encouraged.  

✔ Social Reps can also help to facilitate regional Ski Club meetups in the U.K, such as social events at indoor ski centres or Ski Club member cycle groups. 

What's not required for the Social Rep? 

To become a Social Rep, members will not be required to take our Ski Club Mountain Safety and Leadership Course. This course is only a requirement for our dedicated Ski Club Reps.

The role of a Social Rep does not include “leading” members of snow in any capacity. The Ski Club do not expect for any Social Rep to take on any On-Snow responsibility.  

X The Social Rep position will not replace our Ski Club Reps – instead they will act alongside or independently to our Reps as a member benefit.  

X Social Reps will not be required to create weekly ski programmes nor will they have any requirement of minimum time dedicated to the role. The role of a social Rep can be flexible as per the needs of the resort and the members in resort 

X In resorts where our Ski Club Reps are already placed, Social Reps are welcomed to assist our Reps however they must not interfere with any pre-set programmes or social hours organised via the Rep.

Social Reps will not have access to any Rep benefits, such as the provision of lift pass, accommodation or meal expenses. The Social Rep role is a flexible, voluntary role rather than a pre-agreement with The Ski Club

X The Ski Club will not provide insurance to the Social Reps, on a medical or personal liability basis. The Social Rep will act independently and will not be represented by the Ski Club. 

How to become a Social Rep 

  • You must be a member of the Ski Club to act as a social Rep 
  • Please register your interest in becoming a Social Rep here
  • Ski Club H.Q will then assist in showing you how to communicate with other members in the most effective ways, such as the use of our new community Ski Club App and Ski Club – Resort dedicated Facebook pages.